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Less Iron Ore, More Australian Wine In China

Whenever the words "China" and "wine" are in the same sentence, there invariably is a third word along for the ride: Bordeaux. Thought the Chinese market for the upper echelon of wines from this prestigious regions has abated a bit, it's not the only story in town. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has an article about selling wine in China that, not surprisingly, focuses on efforts to expand the Australian market in that nation.

What's interesting is that this post gives (anecdotal) evidence that China is not a monolithic nation of pricey Bordeaux chasers, concerned only with cost and prestige. O Koo, a Shanghai wine retailer, explains "It's not about the technical aspects of any vintage. We love to talk about the winemaker and see their environment." In other words, the story behind a wine--the people and the place--remain a powerful tool to introduce people to wine. No matter where they live.

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