#sommchat Roundup: Chiara Boschis on Piedmont and How Long to Age Barolo

Get to know Italy's storied Piedmont region through Chiara Boschis, winemaker at E. Pira e Figli. Even though she's not on Twitter, Boschils stopped by SommChat to talk about the Barolo producers who influenced her, why she works organically, how long to cellar Barolo, and what it was like proving herself in a male-dominated profession.

Just an FYI:

What Italian wines does Boschis enjoy besides here own?

So how do you come to a life of, and in, wine?

It's gotta be organic.

Playing favorites isn't easy.

Unlike people, Barolo nicely mature at around the decade mark.


On proving yourself in a male-dominated profession:

How to make wine: