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Wine news April 8, 2016

The Economist asks is wine good for you? "Alas, a 2014 study inJAMA Internal Medicine concluded that resveratrol obtained from the Western diet had no impact on either the health or mortality of elderly people."

Newsday on Long Island wine and comedian John Oliver's swipe at it. "Israel did acknowledge, though, that Oliver’s first taste of Long Island wine, “directly from a warm bag of chardonnay in a stuffy D.C. office,” might have been unimpressive."

Eric Asimov in the New York Times on Fleurie and Morgon greatness if not gravitas. "Just about as delicious was the Morgon from Mr. Lapierre’s old friend Jean Foillard, richer and juicier than the Lapierre, but with a similar set of flavors and aromas."

The Wine Economist previews World Malbec Day. 

Food & Wine chat with author Dan Dunn about his book American Wino. " I don't want to throw anyone under the bus, but I was not enamored of the wines of the Northeast. The only one that was really stellar was Shelburne, out of Vermont. They have a Marquette reserve that's a really good wine."

Jamie Goode on the rise of virtuous wine. "This fixation on sulfur dioxide can take away from giving proper attention to important issues such as how the grapes are farmed, which should be emphasized more in the natural wine movement."

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