Wine news July 23, 2015

Jane Anson in Decanter on Miraval and the fight for Provence. "’I'm honestly not making this up when I tell you that the guard asked me to repeat my name at the front gate. ‘Aniston?’. ‘No, Anson."

Champagne yields are the lowest in a decade reports Winesearcher. "All in all, the yield has been deliberately set low with the confidence that there are enough bottles in stock to pre-empt a sudden spike in sales. This is in line with the traditional approach; appellation limits have always been set in line with future sales and stock predictions. "

The Drinks Business reports that US public has yet to embrace buying wine online. "The study found that 58.5 million regular wine drinkers in the US used the net for wine research and 30 million had made online recommendations on forums, but less than 10 million actually bought wine online."

Winefolly on Friuli-Venezia Giulia. " Friuli recently made top 10 most coveted Italian red wines, thanks to cult winemaker Pontoni from winery Miani (with the local red variety Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso)"

Punch on Champagne's rebel south. "And yet, for a century, this southernmost outpost of Champagne has existed in a world apart, as concerned with its cattle and cheeses as the grapes it dutifully ships north to Champagne barons, usually at cut-rate prices."