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Wine news March 16, 2016

Conde Nast Traveler on how to taste wine properly. 'Though you might be tempted to have a full meal before your wine tasting to prevent getting buzzed too fast, many sommeliers say that food can actually affect the taste of the wine."

Eater on how a wine appellation is created. "Appellations in France are ranked on a multi-tiered ladder that varies by region, which, to a casual drinker, can seem quite complicated. Since this system was initiated, appellations have been continuously forged throughout France, the basic idea being that a region needs to prove its winemaking and soil deserve recognition."

The New York Post on Moroccan wine. "There are 15 Moroccan wine-producing regions stretching between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and together they make this northern African nation — along with Lebanon — the hottest spot for wine in the Arab world."

Winefolly asks what are cult wines?"

Decanter on whether sulfites in wine are good or bad. "SO2 definitely has a bad rap when it comes to popular opinion. That could have a lot to do with the terse couplet ‘contains sulfites’, legally required to grace almost all bottles of wine sold in the US since 1988, and within the EU since 2005."

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