Wine news March 2, 2016

The LA Times on how the LA Dodgers are brimming with wine enthusiasm. "I have not run this review past Manager Dave Roberts, who is one of three owners of the Red Stitch winery in Napa. His Pinot Noir goes for $56 a bottle, though his sold-out signature Cabernet Sauvignon went for $90 a pop."

The Sacramento Bee on Amador County Barbera. "Two factors principally account for barbera’s success in Amador County. For one, Amador County has the heat, sunshine and well-drained soils in which the variety thrives. The acidity of several grape varieties tends to sag when cultivated in such hot vineyards, but not barbera, which despite the heat of the foothills retains its snap, best represented in the barberas by a refreshing tang to their finish."

The Mercury News on five aromas you don't want in your wine glass.

The Drinks Business reports on a Roman winery found in Jerusalem. "The discovery is just the latest in a seemingly endless procession of finds across the Middle East, some of which, at their most ancient, show evidence of Ancient Egyptian winemaking or brewing and even the wine served to the slaves who built the Temple of Solomon over 3,000 years ago."

Vegas Seven on Amarone. "Some producers use new barriques to add spice and density, whereas others remain traditional, aging the wine in Slavonian oak botti."

Tom Wark on with wine what's old is really new. "But then I read about the excitement surrounding more austere or more “balanced” wines and I note that such wines were once the norm. Maybe it’s because so very few taste makers and trend setters actually have much experience with these wines."

Vegnews on Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan's vegan wines.