Wine news May 22, 2018

Forbes on how wine is growing in popularity in Mexico. "The first wines were made in Mexico in the 16th century at high altitudes in the central part of the country. Vines still grow here but the main production is now in coastal Baja California."

The Forward on how Israel needs a new map for wine. "Drawn in the 1970s, the map reflects the traditional regions of Israel. Today, many of the country’s top wines come from single vineyards, and terroir — the properties in the soil that contribute to the wine’s unique character — Matters."

Decanter on a food futurologist's insight into the future of wine. "The report predicts that alcohol will be purchasable from vending machines, using iris recognition technology to verify that buyers are of legal age."

The Drinks Business on BREXIT will be bad for wine. “During the credit crunch the on-trade was competing with the off-trade and did so by trading down and being all about price and wines that didn’t make a billy goat choke."