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Alexandra Kuderski

Alexandra Kuderski has been fascinated with wine, ever since a fossilized mesosaur unexpectedly emerged from the glass of her favorite beverage. This incident has led her to work in a wine shop in Paris, harvest grapes in Beaujolais, serve wine in fancy restaurants and judge fermented grape juice at competitions. Alexandra is also a freelance journalist, photographer and translator. Her work on wine, spirits and food has appeared in Munchies VICE, VinePair and Wine Folly. She currently lives in the gastronomic capital of France, Lyon.
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Articles by Alexandra Kuderski

  • Features

    Wine in Poland 11.17.2016

    Alexandra Kuderski talks to Mikołaj Tyc of the Srebrna Góra winery about the growing Polish wine industry and the Camaldolese Hermits...

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