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Bisci Verdicchio 2013

Forget any insipid Verdicchio from fish shaped bottles you may have experienced in Italian restaurants or cheap seafood shacks across America because the 2013 Bisci Verdicchio di Matelica adds a whole new dimension to the Marches’ most popular wine. Arrayed in a gold tinged robe the 2013 Bisci Verdicchio offers up an alluring nose of dried pineapple and fresh summer fruits. And on the palate, subtle floral tones and gentle fruit flavors mingle with Verdicchio di Matelica’s refreshing minerality. You won’t find any oak on this wine or encounter any smoke and mirrors in Bisci’s Verdicchio, just pure elegance and charm. We suggest only moderate chilling (40°-45° F) of Bisci’s Verdicchio di Matelica in order to capture all of the subtlety and charm this wine has to offer. Enjoy! Case Size 12

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