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Cacique Maravilla Vino Naranja 2019

Cacique Maravilla Vino Naranja 2019

"Do yourself a big favor. Pick up a few bottles of this vivacious natural wine and stick them in the back of your fridge. Then, come Sunday morning, when you need a something bright and with just a prickle of fizzy to pair with your coffee and eggs, or want a brilliant bottle to bring to brunch, pull out a bottle. Uncork, pour, and wake up to your new favorite breakfast wine. If you close your eyes, you'll swear it's the most delicious grapefruit cocktail, shot through with bracing citrus juice and pith flavors, a suggestion of sparkle, and energy to spare. The label says 13% alcohol, but that sneaks right by -- and could possibly lead to a second bottle, even before your coffee gets cold. It's 100% Moscatel de Alejandria (aka, Zibibbo, a native grape of Sicily, for you Italian wines fans), a generous grape that thrives in Mediterranean climates, but is evidently very much at home in this up and coming region of Chile. Naturally made, with minimal SO2, by a seventh-generation winemaker in the (no kidding) Bio-Bio Valley. Open your eyes to orange!" Valerie Kathawala

  • Color: White
  • Region: Chile
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