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Château Jean-Pierre Gaussen Bandol 2008

Owner and winemaker Jean-Pierre Gaussen, has been making soulful, authentic and delicious wines in Bandol for over 40 years. After returning home from the Algerian War in 1962, Jean-Pierre inherited one hectare of vines from his mother. He began bottling at the Domaine in 1970 and has since grown the estate to more than 12 hectares with vines in and around the village of La Cadiere d'Azure, home to some of the most reputable domains of Bandol. The vines benefit from the Mediterranean climate and very few treatments are needed - Jean-Pierre boasts that he has even gone 10 years without treating before!

A true admirer of the local varietal - mourvdre - Jean-Pierre, his wife Julia and his daughter Mireille (who has recently joined her parents in the vines and cellar) make the kinds of wines they like to drink. The vines grow on clay and limestone soil and are tended to by Jean-Pierre, his wife and his daughter with no full time help year-round (Jean-Pierre's wife’s family from Spain comes to help with harvest and other seasonal tasks). Harvest is done by hand with yields of around 35 hectoliters per hectare. His goal is not quantity, but consistent quality for all of his cuvees. His underground cellar is carved in rock and equipped with modern materials that allow for a perfect mastery of vinification. Case Size 0

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