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La Garagista Nouveau 2016

La Garagista Nouveau 2016

The Marquette was hand-picked from the Vergennes vineyard at the middle of September 2016. The vintage was marked by hot and very dry weather and an excellent growing season. All the fruit was destemmed, then foot crushed traditionally. Fermentation was on skins and took place in open vats for seven weeks with native yeast. No added sulfite.

Almost a Gamay like quality. Medium bodied with notes of sour cherry.

Vineyard: Les Carouges, Vergennes vineyard (Champlain Valley, Vermont)
Soil: clay and limestone, calcareous lacustrine sediment and sandy shist and gneiss bedrock, greenstone
Elevation: 94 ft. Vergennes Valley floor
Varietals: 100% Marquette (red varietal cross with vinifera parentage Pinot Noir)
Alc.: 12.5%
Agrictulture: biodynamic

  • Color: Red
  • Region: US
  • Wine critic: Grape Collective
  • Specialty: Practicing Biodynamic
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