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Samuel's Gorge Grenache 2010

On opening the anticipation starts to rev up at the sound of the cork being pulled but then on pouring the 2010 Grenache a delightful spectrum of color washes over the glass, a striking crimson red lights up the purples. Take the time to smell gently from a distance. Don't be a hoover by trying to inhale everything all at once because the subtle detail can easily pass you by if hurried. Try closing your eyes to block out the excess noise and draw your nose slowly away from the glass. Trust me; you will smell so much more by taking it all in slowly. At first, focus on the lighter pretty notes of poached quince liquor and stewed Rhubarb. This leads to the spice range of Szechuan pepper, roasted cumin that combine with herbal notes of Tobacco pouch. Tangerine peel stitches into Campari with a twist of orange. The aromas get deeper and more savory as the journey proceeds; weathered riding boots, horse blanket and hard earned sweat after a dressage session. Then appears sweet notes of exotic timber; hickory and sandalwood from Jake's guitar. Take the time to sip not guzzle. The palate is fresh and lively. Stunning bright fresh flavors of a red pear from Macca's orchid? The flavors drape over the tongue in a full but restrained way. Reduced jus of quail and beetroot heightened by seasoning of caraway and fennel. The body of the wine fills with dark fruit and quince paste. No sweetness or hotness to heavy the palate. The palate flows beautifully with many cryptic and exotic twists and turns. Case Size 0

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