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Samuel's Gorge Mourvedre 2010

Samuel's Gorge Mourvedre 2010

The wine has a deep dark crimson purple colour which leads one to expect depth of character on consumption. Brace yourself; you are on the cusp of a black well of excitement. The aromatic delivers bucket loads of sarsaparilla, cola and nuance of the classic health tonic Averna. Heady lift of peat marsh, charcoal and ripe black fruits fill the nostril; don't close the eyes with this one, you may have dizzy spells. Short of feeling yourself permanently falling into the dark abyss it brings you back to a carnival spirit of bright lights and festive cheer.

When the wine hits the palate the weight and fullness let you know there are two of you in the room. It has spice compote of blood plums with a drizzle of Pedro Ximenez. Think back to the drying currents on racks at Easter locally as kids. On one hand it appears deep and layered but it is chic and has style. Cocktail hour in a penguin suit? It has a sinister side cloaked in heavy cloth. To be enjoyed at your next burlesque ball or masquerade party.

  • Varietal: Mourvedre / Mataro / Monastrell
  • Vintage: 2010
  • Color: Red
  • Region: Australia
  • Specialty: Organic
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