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Vallana Gattinara 2004

Vallana Gattinara 2004

Gattinara was officially recognized as a DOCG in 1967, but recent archeological findings trace the vineyards back to Roman times. Its names appears in documents from Charlemagne, as well as Spain's King Charles V. Strict DOCG guidelines dictate this wines development from vine to bottle and Vallana is one of its finest producers. Their high altitude Nebbiolo vineyards are planted only with original clones that predate the appellation itself. After being hand harvested and vetted in the winery, the crushed fruit undergoes a 24 hour cold soak before being transferred to cement tanks. As with their other cru wines, each vessel is treated as a separate entity before the final blending process. The blend is transferred to large cask (5 to 12 HL) where it ages for two years. In accordance with DOCG regulations, it is aged another in the bottle for at least a year before release.

  • Varietal: Nebbilo
  • Vintage: 2004
  • Color: Red
  • Region: Italy - Piedmont
  • Importer: Michael Skurnik
  • Wine critic: Wine Spectator
  • Critic score: 84
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