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  • Wine news

    Wine news November 27, 2015

    by Christopher Barnes on 11/27/2015

    Vice says Burmese opium farmers make the best rice wine.

    Entrepreneur on building a cellar.

    The Guardian on sweet wines.

    The Napa Valley Register on Moroccan wines. "But in fact, Morocco is the second largest producer of wine in the Muslim countries. They produce 40 million bottles of wine per year, of which 38 million bottles are consumed in Morocco."

    Vinography visits a wine estate in Uruguay. "Adversity, it seems, can often make for excellent wine, and that is certainly the case at Alto de la Ballena, or "heights of the whale" as its owners Paula and Alvaro Lorenzo have called their slice of the small mountain known as Sierra de la Ballena."

    KCET talks to an airline sommelier. "To really enjoy wine on board an aircraft, go with the bold wine with lots of fruit and varietal expression."

    Le Pan on the future of Gaja. "Focus, and ceaseless experimentation, has been the hallmark of Gaja – Barbaresco’s, and Piedmont’s – most renowned winery since Gaia’s great-great-grandfather Giovanni Gaja first started selling wine from the family’s tavern (the front door is still there) in Barbaresco in 1859." 

    The Drinks Business on a man who posed as a glass of wine got 300 matches on Tinder.

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  • Wine news

    Wine news November 25, 2015

    by Christopher Barnes on 11/25/2015

    The Gothamist on the best wine bars in New York City.

    Vogue explains what is fashionable to drink during Thanksgiving. "Whenever I find myself cooking, I really enjoy a refreshing Blanc de Blancs, like Larmandier-Bernier ‘Vieille Vigne du Levant,’” says Jack Mason, wine director of USHG’s Marta in Manhattan, adding, “It generally ends up disappearing much more quickly than I want it to!”

    In The Wall Street Journal start-ups vie to deliver wine and turkey in one hour. "Saucey, Drizly Inc. and Thirstie Inc. are among several alcohol-delivery services hoping to cash in Thursday by ferrying libations to customers in about an hour."

    The New Republic on how China conquered France's wine country. "Although the Chinese market was just a fraction of a percent of the country’s population, châteaux and their middlemen moved huge quantities of product by offering entrepreneurs a very clear hierarchy of the finest wines already ratified as international status symbols."

    Christies auction house in conversation with wine writer Andrew Jefford. "My desert-island wine would be a great bottle of Pomerol. Generous St. Emilion is deliciously companionable — an old mate, a shoulder to lean on."

    Forbes on wine regions favored by smart investors.

    On where are all the wine stories? "I hadn’t looked at my email in a long time – I’d been been too busy reading to think about work. Reading is how I got through nearly an entire year of medical treatment, where my choices were either die of cancer, or die of boredom."

    Alice Feiring on Thanksgiving wine.

    Winefolly looks at alcohol levels in wine.

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  • Column: White's Wines

    With Seven Wines, Exploring Burgundy's Côte d'Or

    by David White on 11/24/2015

    How is someone supposed to learn about Burgundy with prices seeming to reach new heights each week? read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news November 24, 2015

    by Christopher Barnes on 11/24/2015

    Eater reports the NYSLA is planning to ban restaurants from buying wine from private collectors. "This has long been allowed by the law and has been the backbone of some of New York City’s most famous wine lists, notably Veritas in the past. More recently, if you look at the lists of wine destinations like Rebelle, Maialino, Charlie Bird, and Racines, you see lists that couldn’t have been constructed without sourcing from private collections."

    Business Insider reports Japanese like to bath in wine in honor of Beaujolais Nouveau. "The French have more than 100 festival celebrations across the country, sometimes even with fireworks — but it doesn't compare to the celebrations that go down in Japan."

    Bloomberg talks wine and Turkey. "Thanksgiving isn’t the time to pull out a special, fabulous bottle."

    The Guardian asks should wine lovers or women be more annoyed with Mancan?

    Bon Appetite on the new rules of wine. "No killer shop in your town? There’s an app for that: Banquet by Delectable, out soon, lets you buy directly from boutique shops"

    In Decanter Jane Anson on vegan Champagne.

    W. Blake Gray thinks about wine culture. "The only conclusion I can draw is this: Other than his fans (who still exist in decent numbers), wine drinkers really don't care anymore about Robert Parker."

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  • Column: Love by the Glass

    Here’s a Holiday Gift Your Friends Will Really Eat Up

    by Dorothy J. Gaiter on 11/23/2015

    Here’s a great present for your best wine-loving friends or for yourself: reservations at a winemaker dinner. read more »

  • Winemaker Interviews

    Aurelio Montes Jr. of Kaiken

    by Christopher Barnes on 11/23/2015

    Aurelio Montes Jr. of Kaiken in Mendoza, Argentina discusses being a Chilean winemaker in Argentina. read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news November 23, 2015

    by Christopher Barnes on 11/23/2015

    The Los Angeles Times on the San Diego wine scene. "The county's collection of wineries takes many by surprise, but it was way ahead of the curve, with winemaking dating from the 1820s."

    The Washington Post on a Thanksgiving wine list.

    The Wall Street Journal on the best books for wine lovers. "The keyword “wine” returns almost 170,000 titles on Amazon."

    New Historian on a 6th century wine press found in an Israeli excavation. "Much of the wine likely went to the Christian community that were living there at the time, based on the etchings on one of the vats that was found located in close proximity to the wine press."

    Forbes on gifts for wine lovers. 

    Jancis Robinson on Pomerol - under construction. "Extending properties in the Médoc on the left bank is a little easier because there it is the brand, or château, that is classified, not the land."

    The Drinks Business reports that US Marshals are going to auction off Rudy Kurniawan's wine collection. "The US Marshals Service Asset Forfeiture Division worked with Stephanie Reeves and Michael Egan to authenticate 5,128 bottles of fine wine; 4,711 were found to be the real thing and the rest imitations."

    Andrew Jefford in Decanter asks what does climate change mean for wine. "Harvest dates have advanced by two or three weeks in every wine-growing region over the past half-century; alcohol levels for many classic red wines are between one and two per cent higher than they were in the 1960s and 1970s, signifying (in large part) more sugar for an equivalent phenolic ripeness."

    The UC Press Blog on how to become a garagiste.

    Alfonso Cevola on Nebbiolo's influence on Napa and New California wine.

    The Wine Curmudgeon on the end of the wine business as we know it.

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  • Wine news

    Wine news November 20, 2015

    by Christopher Barnes on 11/20/2015

    In The Wall Street Journal Lettie Teague follows the opening of Greenwich Village's Quality Eats. "To encourage experimentation, Messrs. Stillman and Passer planned to offer all of the wines on the list by the glass and bottle. For fun, they’re introducing a new concept—“stackable wine”—three separate, small carafes that can be stacked to create a standard 750 mL bottle."

    Forbes on Montefalco Rosso. "The D.O.C. requires that Montefalco Rosso be comprised of 60-70% Sangiovese, 10-15% Sagrantino, and the remainder from other red grapes (typically Merlot). "

    Eater on a robot that tastes wine. "The $90,000 contraption — purchased from French company Alpha Moss—  includes a robotic arm with a sensor that is dipped into food or beverages. The sensor detects sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, metallic, and umami flavors."

    The Guardian says don't be fooled into buying into name bottles. "The main culprit, as I’ve suggested before, is Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the quality of whose wines rarely match their handsome bottling."

    In Le Pan Serena Sutcliffe on Champagne pairings. "Vintage Bollinger Rosé is made for dim sum, while vintage Moët Rosé has the ‘meatiness’ to be right on with cold roast beef or feathered game." 

    Jamie Goode reflects on wine media. "Now I’d like to address a pair of related questions: has the increase in volume of wine media resulted in increased choice for consumers of this media? And has quality suffered as quantity has risen? Are we drowning in a sea of mediocrity?"

    In Punch Zachary Sussman on an uncertain future for the world's iconic sweet wines. "In 2013, just 210,000 liters of Sauternes were shipped to the United States, compared to over 650,000 in 1973."

    In the New York Times Eric Asimov recommends an invigorating end to Thanksgiving. "Chinato (pronounced key-NOT-oh) is a fortified wine in which neutral spirits are infused with a combination of ingredients including quinine, called chinino in Italian, hence the name Chinato. It’s then blended with a base of Barolo wine and sweetened with sugar."

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  • Wine Event

    Beaujolais: It's Pronounced Gamay

    by Joshua Aranda on 11/19/2015

    "Gamay is so hot right now." read more »

  • Feature

    Bruwer Raats And The Rise Of South African Chenin Blanc

    by Christopher Barnes on 11/19/2015


    read more »

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