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  • Wine news

    Wine news June 26, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 6/26/2017

    Jancis Robinson on Champagne Jayne who was taken to court by Champagne's trade association. "She managed to convince at least two sets of lawyers to represent her pro bono but sounds like a nightmare of a witness, constantly asking questions of those questioning her." 

    Food & Wine is moving to Alabama. "He said the move to Alabama was partly to save money — Time Inc. has struggled since it was spun off from Time Warner three years ago — but also to give Food & Wine a more national flavor."

    The Daily Beast on how the wine industry in California was built on slave labor.  "Nicknamed the Indian Indenture Act, which was, in fact, the very first legislation that the state passed, cruelly stripped California’s Native Americans of most of their rights."

    USA Today on the vineyards of Northern Virginia. "Over the past several years, Virginia winemakers have produced award-winning, highly drinkable wines on stunning estates that nearly rival California and Europe."

    In Decanter Andrew Jefford visits Alsace. "By the way, Anne Trimbach also pointed out how much more motivated and engaged young vineyard workers are in Alsace today compared to a decade or two ago when such labour was “just a job”.  Surely the journey towards expression, nuance and an understanding of site represented by the Grand Cru system has something to do with this?"

    In The Drinks Business on "the billionaire owners of Château Montrose have acquired the famous Loire estate Clos Rougeard it has been confirmed."

    The Washington Post on Maryland wines. “I can’t say I walk out of here with a clear sense of what direction Maryland wants to go,” he said, as he prepared to drive back to Canada from Boordy. “But there’s great potential here. It’s beautiful country. Visiting is a no-brainer.”

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  • Wine Region

    Manto Negro, a Mallorcan Grape Varietal, not a Balkan Country

    by Barbara Sturgis on 6/23/2017

    Manto Negro and Mallorca's Castell de Santueri read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news June 23, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 6/23/2017

    The New York Times picks 20 rosé under $20. "Much of it is pretty dreadful, sped along the assembly line to be ready by late spring, yet short-lived enough to be dead by the end of summer. Ephemeral, but such pretty colors."

    The Guardian on orange wine. "Orange wine is very common in Georgia, often found in eastern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, and now made by winemakers as far apart as South Africa and Spain. "

    The Napa Valley Register on navigating a wine list. "To deconstruct and simplify any wine list, start by narrowing your selection process as you would with the menu or other shopping experience."

    Winefolly on low tannin reds. "Some people believe they have tannin sensitivity. While there is very little research available on this topic, one study does suggest that ingested tannin may affect energy metabolization, growth rates, and protein digestibility in lab animals."

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  • Column

    Ten Affordable Summer Wines From Dreamers, Including Dave Matthews (Yes, That One)

    by Dorothy J. Gaiter on 6/22/2017

    "Last week at The Jazz Standard in New York City, we heard Tierney Sutton and her band perform a beautiful medley of “April in Paris” and “Free Man in Paris,” and I just can’t get Joni Mitchell’s line “I deal in dreamers” out of my head." Dorothy J. Gaiter read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news June 22, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 6/22/2017

    The Wine Enthusiast visits Livermore in California. 

    In Decanter the impact of Brexit on the wine trade. "Sterling is a good 15% down on last year and it has meant that wine prices so far for the UK consumer have risen slowly but surely."

    The Drinks Business describes a Justin Bieber wine. “Winemakers need to gain more confidence and feel more comfortable in doing their own thing and making authentic wines that are true to themselves otherwise you end up with the wine equivalent of Britney Spears and Justin Bieber – commercially focused wines made to suit the market."

    Punch on summer rosé. "Because rosé in 2017 is an ultimate triumph of style over substance."

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  • Wine news

    Wine news June 21, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 6/21/2017

    Fortune Magazine confirms that Drew Barrymore loves wine. "Lambrusco, Barrymore claimed, is "having a moment." And the actress thinks Frosé—that's frozen rosé—is actually quite tasty."

    In the Wine Spectator Matt Kramer contemplates greatness in wine. " That 2005 Bourgogne from Catherine and Claude Maréchal was equal to, or better than, many Burgundy premiers crus. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be, of course."

    Decanter on the most popular Bordeaux in the world's top restaurants.  "Lynch-Bages has overtaken Latour and Margaux since this time last year. Mouton has also moved up the ranks, present in 52% of restaurants surveyed compared to 50% in last year’s analysis."

    Do Bianchi on the etiquette of being served a corked wine. "But what was the point of challenging my assessment of the wine when the restaurant (or at least the bar) has a policy of substituting wines by-the-glass (and not charging for them) when the guest questions the wine’s fitness?"

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  • Wine news

    Wine news June 20, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 6/20/2017

    Forbes on how climate change is impacting wine. "Increases in average temperatures will be both a benefit and liability," Holdren said, depending on the location and circumstances of the vineyards, how they are currently managed, and the actions that growers and wineries proactively take to adjust to changing conditions."

    The Napa Valley Register on how big wine companies are snapping up Napa wineries. "The latest example was Friday’s announcement that Constellation Brands had purchased Schrader Cellars, a Calistoga producer lauded for multiple 100-point cabernets."

    Decanter answers the question: Should you put wine in the freezer? "My birthday Laurent-Perrier rosé shattered into a million pieces and turned the freezer pink,’ said Laura Seal, Decanter’s editorial assistant."

    Winefolly asks where did wine come from? "Current evidence suggests that wine originated in the Caucasus Mountains. This mountain range spans from Armenia through Azerbaijan, Georgia, northern Iran, and eastern Turkey, and contains some of the highest peaks in Europe."

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  • Wine news

    Wine news June 19, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 6/19/2017

    The Los Angeles Times on why blending wine is a popular trend. "Phinney says that the Prisoner started out as an homage to the field blend."

    Eric Asimov in the New York Times on Château le Puy in Bordeaux. “It’s the best Burgundy wine from Bordeaux,” said Steven Hewison, Mr. Amoreau’s son-in-law, who is in charge of production."

    In the New York Times an 2,600 year old piece of pottery with writing on it requesting wine. "More than 17 words, composed of 50 characters, are on the back side of the ostracon. They include a request for wine, an assurance that Hananyahu will assist Elyashiv with anything he wants, a request for an unknown commodity and another reference to wine."

    Jancis Robinson explores Greek wine. "Firm Plyto was memorable and not just for its name, but I have never come across a grape with a more individual character than Dafni, named after laurel but smelling strongly of fennel to me."

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  • Winemaker Interviews

    Steve Matthiasson Deconstructing Napa Mythologies

    by Christopher Barnes on 6/16/2017

    "This problem was that the wine conversation became dominated by this, I'm going to say mythology, that the warm climate of certain New World growing regions, whether it be California or Australia or Argentina or Chile, dictated a level of ripeness, and that's just not true." read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news June 16, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 6/16/2017

    The Tax Foundation asks how high are wine taxes in your state? "Kentucky has the highest wine excise tax rate at $3.17 per gallon, followed by Alaska ($2.50), Florida ($2.25), Iowa ($1.75), and New Mexico and Alabama (tied at $1.70). The five states with the lowest wine excise rates are California ($0.20), Texas ($0.20), Wisconsin ($0.25), Kansas ($0.30), and New York ($0.30)."

    The Napa Valley Register profiles Delicato Family Vineyards, ranked seventh nationally in terms of size. "Delicato’s growth has been led by the launch of ultra-premium Z. Alexander Brown as well as the market-leading performance of its Bota Box, Noble Vines and Gnarly Head brands. Z. Alecxander Brown, made in partnership with country musician Zac Brown, quickly became the number 1 new wine brand of 2016, according to Nielsen research."

    Vogue asks is it wrong to put ice in your wine? “The color, texture, and aroma of the wine is compromised by ice. If I feel a wine needs to be colder, then I put the bottle in ice for a few minutes—no need to add it directly to the wine.”

    Jon Bonné in Punch on Portugal's everyday white wines. " Yet there is a universe of other dry wines from Portugal, most made from a roster of little-known grapes that have survived the whiplash of globalization."

    Palate Press asks how much should a winery charge for a tasting? " Wineries in most European countries, unlike their American counterparts, have tended historically not to charge."

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