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  • Winemaker Interviews

    Paolo Ruffino of Punta Crena in Liguria

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/29/2016

    The Ruffino family has saved indigenous grapes that are critical to the history of winemaking in Liguria. read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news July 29, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/29/2016

    Dan Dunn on Supercall is drinking his way through the DNC in Philly. “America,” he said reverently. “Fuck yeah.”

    New York Times Wine School on Grüner Veltliner. "Each of these grüners had a slight vegetal quality that was welcome and delightfully refreshing, like the snap of a crisp green bean at peak ripeness. Green, crunchy, peppery, with a squeeze of lemon and, in the best examples, a strong current of minerality."

    The next New York Times Wine School looks at Albariño. "I can testify that the last is not true. I’ve had well-aged examples of albariño from old vines and meticulous producers that have been sensational. Sadly, not enough of these wines are available."

    Eater asks does wine belong in the refrigerator? "Dropping the temperature of a wine elevates its flavor nuances. Acidity becomes laser-like. Fruit is brighter."

    NYMagazine on why Rihanna likes to take her wine to go.

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  • Wine news

    Wine news July 28, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/28/2016

    The Telegraph on a chemical in red wine and chocolate that defends against Alzheimer's. “These are very exciting findings because it shows that resveratrol engages the brain in a measurable way, and that the immune response to Alzheimer’s disease comes, in part from outside the brain.”

    Food and Wine on pairing wine with sushi. "Champagne and Riesling—uncontested sushi-pairing champions—take up a solid portion of his wine list’s real estate, but Smith loves opening up Burgundy and even richer reds from California."

    Bloomberg explores what makes a good "house wine." "A house wine has to be something you can pull out and pour without a second thought."

    The Huffington Post asks does wine go bad? "As a general rule, anything with sparkles will last one to three days after opening. Reds, rosés, and whites can survive up to five days."

    Decanter asks if Steve Jobs made wine he might have found a kindred spirit in a Bordeaux producer. "The winery space in Arsac was called a garage for the expectant press, yields were dropped to under 20 hectoliters per hectare, under half the usual crop for Margaux, and new oak was lavishly rolled out. Even more provocatively, the first vintage was priced more highly than Chateau Margaux, its direct neighbour and an 1855 First Growth."

    Chester Osborn says Sagrantino will rival Shiraz in Australia one day reports The Drinks Business

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  • Winemaker Interviews

    Sean O'Callaghan, Riecine in Chianti Classico

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/27/2016

    Monty Waldin talks to Sean O'Callaghan about being an outsider pushing innovation in Chianti Classico. read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news July 27, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/27/2016

    The Wall Street Journal visits New Jersey's first and only meadery. “There’s an art to making wine that’s all in the vineyard. With mead, it all comes down to the honey and the ingredients.”

    W. Blake Gray on the politics of California wine country. "Vineyard owners are farmers, and farmers tend to be Republicans."

    Winefolly on Syrah from the West Coast.

    Punch asks should a wine list change daily? “It’s an important statement to not have three or four cabernets on [the] list right now. We still have it, but the cue is that you should be drinking other stuff.”

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  • Wine news

    Wine news, July 26, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/26/2016

    The Wall Street Journal on the wines of New Jersey. "Perhaps one sommelier will tell another or a group of oenophiles will gradually spread the word, and people will take New Jersey as seriously as any other American winemaking state. AsBruce Springsteen, the great bard of New Jersey, sang, they are all “working on a dream.”

    Eater on how to read a wine label.

    The Daily Mail on how to spot fake wine. "Clare advises that giveaway signs to a fake can be found on the label, including the paper and printing."

    The Drinks Business on the top 10 wine brands of 2016.

    Stuart Pigott visits the 5th Riesling Rendezvous in Seattle. "Dear Mr. Trump, Dear Mrs. Clinton, please note the remarkable possibilities this grape offers, and choose the true path of Riesling before it’s too late!"

    Food and Wine picks out the top Oregon wines.

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  • Wine Region

    The Languedoc: Land of Sunshine, Wine and Golf

    by Peter Zusman on 7/25/2016

    With over 300 days of sunshine each year, the Languedoc is home to an abundance of grape varieties and world-class golf courses. read more »

  • Winemaker Interviews

    Massimo Alois of Fattoria Alois on the Wines of Campania

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/25/2016

    Known for Mozzarella di Bufala and great pizza, Campania also has a rich wine history which a group of artisanal winemakers are reviving. read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news July 25, 2015

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/25/2016

    The Washington Post looks at the legacy of Napa Valley legend Robert Mondavi. "The push for affordable everyday wines, advocated by Michael, and the drive for quality, pursued notably by Tim, stretched the winery and the family in different directions."

    The Los Angeles Times explores rosé. "Beyond this, it’s helpful to break them all down into three subsets: rosés for beginners (fail-safe bottles to pick up and guzzle down, generous, delicious, soothing); rosés for experts, (a bit more challenging, elusive and serious); and rosés for weirdos (iconoclastic, experimental, odd, delightful — some traditional, some not)."

    Bloomberg reports that French wine output has dropped due to climactic challenges. "In Champagne, spring frost destroyed grape production on 4,600 hectares (11,367 acres), and there’s strong pressure from fungal diseases mildew and gray rot, the ministry said."

    Jancis Robinson on winemakers cutting back on sulphur. "The problem is that if no sulphur dioxide is added, then the wine has no defence against harmful bacteria and is more likely to oxidise, to lose its freshness and fruity charm and possibly turn brown."

    Fortune on how Hungary's Tokaj region is reviving its Jewish heritage. "The central European nation deported half a million Jews. In the final months of the war, Hungarian fascists executed thousands of Jews, shooting them and pushing them into the Danube river."

    Winesearcher on why Napa is not promoting organic as a marketing tool. "Thus, I wasn't sorry when Long Meadow Ranch CEO Ted Hall said to Matthiason that not getting certified as organic is "just an excuse for not wanting to work hard. I find it sloppy thinking. You either are or you aren't. What you're really saying (by not getting certified) is you're a sloppy farmer."

    The Huffington Post on why you should freeze your leftover wine.

    In Decanter "Andrew Jefford heads to Alsace’s Niedermorschwihr – and discovers a great winemaking talent."

    The Drinks Business on 10 extreme vineyards that push viticulture to its limits.


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  • Wine news

    Wine news July 22, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/22/2016

    Eric Asimov in the New York Times is looking for soul in Douro reds. " Yet the wine panel recently tasted 20 Douro reds from the 2012 and 2013 vintages and was left feeling that too often something seemed to be lacking."

    Wines and Vines on why Riesling is hard to sell. "Retail sales of Riesling, by dollar amount and volume, have been down slightly every year since 2014, according to the Nielsen market research firm; sales barely ticked up in 2013."

    Jamie Goode asks how useful are comparative blind tastings. "Sometimes you rate a wine you like quite a bit quite low in the rankings."

    Jon Bonné in Punch asks can Savoie become the Rhône's rival sister? "Along with parts of the Pyrenees, the Savoie is France’s true mountain region for wine, a mysterious place dotted with dairy cows and chalets."

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