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  • Critics' Picks

    Surfing Delectable: What The Pros Are Drinking

    by Rachael Doob on 7/3/2015

    A look at what some of the leading wine experts and sommeliers are drinking featuring Fabien Laine, Travis Morningstar, Megan Krigbaum, Charles Antin, and Ray Isle. read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news July 3, 2015

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/3/2015

    Time Magazine on how to choose a good wine for under $25.

    CNBC on how the Greek crisis is hitting wine exports. ""Imports (have) already ground to an immediate stop and exports are limited to the available transport currently in Greece," said Frangistas, who also serves as managing director of exporter Gefra."

    New York Times Wine School goes to the Greek Island of Santorini. "Because of the strong winds off the Aegean Sea and the powerful summer sun, the assyrtiko vines are trained in a peculiar way, like the woven strands of a circular basket, hugging the ground for protection."

    Eater on pairing wine with BBQ. "Garnatxa and Macabeo are also some fun favorites for grilled vegetables kissed with smoke and hints of spice. Montsant and Priorat, Spain are legends for making these two white varietals."

    Jamie Goode asks is natural wine a fad? "So, to my first point. It is only because of the advances in modern winemaking, pretty much all of which have been positive for consumers, that space was created for the natural wine movement to emerge."

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  • Winemaker Interviews

    Gaetana Jacono, Valle dell’Acate

    by Jameson Fink on 7/2/2015

    Jameson Fink interviews Gaetana Jacono of Valle dell’Acate in Sicily who is straddling the traditional and the modern. read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news July 2, 2015

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/2/2015

    Business Insider on why Trader Joe's wine is so cheap. "Making wine in huge quantities keeps production costs low. Bronco makes an impressive 90 million gallons of wine a year, according to Taber."

    In the Press Democrat Constellation Brands purchased Napa Valley Meiomi wine brand for $315 million.

    In the Telegraph Britain's worst wine etiquette revealed. "The poll of 2,000 UK adults by the International Wine Challenge (IWC) found other blunders included adding lemonade to red wine and pronouncing the 't' in Merlot and Pinot Noir."

    Will Lyons in The Wall Street Journal on a biodynamic winery in Bordeaux. "But I like what they’re doing at Pontet-Canet. The last time I was there, they were building stables. In three years’ time, Ms. Tesseron says, they will have 15 horses working the land."

    San Jose Mercury News recommends 5 summer wine books.

    The New York Times on Delectable. "Over the same period, wines from the Loire Valley in France and Piedmont in Italy — again already favored among the wine pros — have become slightly more popular among regular users, while interest in the typically bolder wines of Tuscany and especially Bordeaux has fallen."

    Mashable says Georgia is the next big wine destination. "Perhaps even more impressive than Georgia’s millennia of winemaking experience is the fact that many wineries still produce wine in the traditional Georgian way. These “natural wines”are growing in popularity internationally, with Georgia at the forefront of the movement."

     The Huffington Post on how to tell if wine is "cooked." "Please keep in mind that "cooked" wine is different than "corked" wine. Corked wines typically remind us of a wet newspaper."

    Jane Anson in Decanter on Ernst Loosen. "Another interesting idea is one being trialed by Ernst Loosen in the Mosel Valley – a man described, with brilliant succinctness by journalist Dorothy Gaiter, as the German Mick Jagger for his rakish air." 

    The Wine Enthusiast lists the 100 best wine restaurants.

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  • Wine news

    Wine news July 1, 2015

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/1/2015

    In Forbes, Austrian wine has increased prices and demand. "In 2014, Austria exported 50 million liters of wine, with a new record high value of 146 million Euros. In 2003, by comparison, Austria exported 83 million liters of wine, but its net value was less than half, at 69 million Euros."

    Ray Isle in Yahoo asks what wine goes best with burgers. "So there it is: inarguable, statistical proof—er, sort of—that U.S. wines go better with burgers than European ones."

    Winesearcher talks to Miguel Torres Maczassek, the general manager of Spain's most famous wine brand. "China has changed during the last two years and it seems that it will no longer be the country of two-digit growth every year. We expect that it will perform more and more like other developed markets, where margins are lower and where there is more offer than demand."

    In Wines and Vines wine eCommerce remains a niche. "Almost all, or 96%, of consumer packaged good sales occur in stores, and just 5% of consumers intend to buy wine online in the next six months, according to Laurie Rains, a vice president in Nielsen’s Retail Consulting and Analytics Group."

    In Amazon Prime to offer 1 hour free wine delivery in London.

    Contact Music on Nicki Minaj's rider request which includes 4 small bottles of Sutter Home Chardonnay.

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  • Wine regions

    Understanding Chablis

    by Barbara Sturgis on 6/30/2015

    A snapshot of Chablis. read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news June 30, 2015

    by Christopher Barnes on 6/30/2015

    In the Daily Mail over 9,000 revelers spray 130,000 liters of wine at Spanish "Battle of Wine."

    The Guardian on a rhinoceros that drank red wine. "It could guzzle vast quantities (three or four bottles in a sitting). Which may explain how, in October 1792, the rhino stumbled and dislocated its right front leg."

    Alder Yarrow tastes wine from Idaho. "Like in many young wine regions (both here in the United States as well as around the world), the Idaho vintners whose wines I tasted seem to believe that the way you make a good wine is to buy lots of expensive barrels each year and make sure the wine spends lots of time in them."

    The Washington Post on why the American wine market is so important to Bordeaux. "Eizaguirre acknowledged that the Bordelais “forgot our traditional markets,” including the United States, with the China boom of the last decade, which fueled a sharp price increase in the most prestigious wines."

    The Wine Economist on concerns for New Zealand wine. "Some of the people we talked with in Marlborough back in 2014 were thinking in terms of protection and brands and they were worried by New Zealand’s lack of a stronger geographic indicator system for wine."

    Winefolly looks at the myths around the health benefits of wine.

    Dr. Vino looks at Europe's heatwave. "Burgundy, which is known for producing wines more winsome than boxum, will have four days in the 100s (39C+) this week–and the balance in the 90s."

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  • Wine news

    Wine news June 29, 2015

    by Christopher Barnes on 6/29/2015

    In Wired, sulfites are fine but here is how to remove them. "f you prove your wine has less than that, you can apply for an exemption—thus so-called “sulfite-free” wines exist. They are universally quite vile."

    CBS News historic draught sprouts success for Napa wineries. "In normal conditions, the roots of grape vines grow 10 feet deep, but in dry conditions, they are forced to burrow twice as deep in search of water. The stressed-out vines produce a smaller grape but one with more concentrated sugar and complex flavor."

    The Guardian on English wine being served at Wimbledon for the first time.  "The chosen wine for the championships, which start on Monday, is a white Pinot Gris 2014, from the Bolney estate in East Sussex. Dry, fresh and aromatic, it has been chosen for fans attending the event as “a perfect match” for strawberries and cream."

    Andrew Jefford in Decanter on how Burgundy is easy to understand compared to Barolo and Barbaresco. "It’s as if one region had embraced both the Burgundian and the Alsace definitions of Grand Cru simultaneously. In any case, as Roberto Voerzio points out, “the secret of Barolo is that everything changes every 20 metres”, so even the smaller circumscriptions will be a compromise."

    In The Drinks Business wine from Napoleon's carraige to be sold. "The bottle dates from around 1810 is unopened and although the level is eight inches (20cm) below the base of the cork it is “believed” to still contain wine – which may be a Sherry."

    Zachary Sussman in Punch on a new extreme for underwater aging. "ailing from the tiny appellation of Picpoul-de-Pinet in southern France—and made from picpoul, the local white grape—the bottle takes underwater aging to a new extreme."

    Jancis Robinson lifts the veil on the Jura. "Between two and three dozen Australian wine producers have since bitten the Savagnin bullet and are selling wines so labelled, and at least two of them, including Crittenden, are experimenting with making sous voile [under a veil, of yeast, pictured above right] examples matured under a thin film of yeast in the highly particular tradition of the Jura."

    Meg Maker talks to Cathy Corison.

    read more »

  • Wine Pairings

    11 Wine Pairings for 5 of Kansas City's Best Barbecue Joints

    by Michael Woodsmall on 6/27/2015

    A conversation surrounding wine and barbecue in the context of a childhood growing up in Kansas City wouldn't be complete without a quick tour of the best it has to offer. read more »

  • Wine Pairings

    8 Quotes on Pairing Wine with Barbecue From People Who Know

    by Michael Woodsmall on 6/26/2015

    Chew on these words of wisdom to make sure that the truth tastes great. read more »

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