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  • Winemaker Interview

    "I always say that Cesanese is the kind of variety that once you taste it you never forget." - Letizia Ciolli interviewed by Marco Salerno

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  • Wine news

    CNBC on a $1,000 wine made from vines on a Brooklyn roof deck. "Shomaker, the founder of Rooftop Reds, knows that Brooklyn is not where most people would expect a new wine-growing region to take shape. But he is betting that understanding the science of wine will lead to success in a nonconventional geography."

    The New York Times recommends Thanksgiving wines. "When in doubt, Beaujolais. Plenty of wines will go beautifully with your holiday table, but Beaujolais is perhaps the ultimate all-purpose wine. The entire category has gone through a renaissance in the new century."

    Bloomberg recommends Thanksgiving wines. "Serve the wines buffet-style, so everyone can pick and choose. Encourage people to experiment, dump what they don’t like in a big pitcher and explore new styles."

    The Napa Valley Register says it is an exciting time for Texas wine. "The quality of Texas wine has been improving over the last decade, and this quality is being recognized as the number of medals at out-of-state wine competitions won by Texas wines has grown exponentially between 1984 and 2016, with 142 medals received in 2016."

    The Napa Valley Register on Warren Winiarski getting inducted into the California Hall of Fame. "Winiarski is only the second California wine industry member to be honored with this “Spirit of California” medal. Robert Mondavi was inducted to the California Hall of Fame in 2006, its inaugural year."

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  • Winemaker interviews

    Lisa Denning on the two year old Meunier Institut which is working tirelessly to promote its favorite grape, Pinot Meunier.

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  • Wine news

    Vogue offers stylish wine for Thanksgiving. "Victoria James: For Friendsgiving, the perfect wine that pairs well with everything is rosé."

    Travel and Leisure visits the Okanagan Valley in Canada. "The southern part of the Okanagan is hotter than Napa Valley," Canadian wine expert Kurtis Kolt says. "In the north, it's much cooler. You've got bears. They come down in the middle of the night and gorge on grapes. Call it true Canadian-style wine growing."

    Fergie likes to drink her own wine reports Jezebel. Later on in the interview, Fergie says, “I just designed the label, of course, because I had to get my creative juices flowing, if you will.”

    Decanter on tasting old Lynch-Bages. "We started with the 1924 – the first year that Château bottling took centre stage in Bordeaux after being championed by Baron Philippe de Rothschild at Mouton Rothschild."

    The Drinks Business reports that Chinese police have seized 14,000 of fake Penfolds. "At a press conference held on 13 November, Alibaba confirmed that 13 suspects had since been detailed, including one wine dealer, Mr Dai, who had been selling fake Penfolds for 200 yuan ($40) per bottle online, when it should retail for 600 to 3000 yuan ($120 to $595)."

    Jon Bonné in Punch on the current state of California Cabernet. "But there also is a lot of beautiful cabernet to be found, both among classicists who resisted the desire to change—people like Cathy Corison and Philip Togni—and those who want to find a middle ground."

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  • Wine news

    The Chicago Tribune asks is the wine in your glass friendly for the environment? "This year, the wine growers of St. Emilion and its satellite appellations in France's Bordeaux region voted to require environmental certification for wineries seeking to put the prestigious appellation names on their labels."

    The Los Angeles Times on wines to buy in the aftermath of the California wine fires. "But one thing that’s sure is that the residents of Sonoma and Napa counties are ready to rebuild and move on."

    The Guardian on the cult of natural wine. "Using added sulphur, lab techniques and about 70 legal additives, industrial wines are manufactured to be stable, consistent and, arguably, narrow in their flavours. In contrast, natural wine is additive-free, regularly unfiltered and utilises only a tiny amount – if any – of sulphur."

    USA Today visits an island full of very old people and their secret is wine. "Paglieno’s age is no anomaly here in picturesque Sardinia, an Italian island in the Mediterranean that is home to the oldest people in the world, according to researchers on aging."

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  • Wine news

    The New York Times on wine from prehistoric Georgia. “Talk about aging of wine. Here we have an 8,000-year-old vintage that we’ve identified,” said Patrick McGovern, a molecular archaeologist from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and lead author of the study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."

    The BBC on the Arab poet who worshipped wine. "Unlike other poets from the Middle East – such as Omar Khayyam or Khalil Gibran – Abu Nuwas is almost totally unknown in the West; despite being a household name in the Arabic-speaking world, his poems have suffered in translation, often arriving into English as archaic, stilted tomes reserved for Arabists."

    Decanter on wine to know from Chile and Argentina. "An individual expression of terroir is the sine qua non of an icon wine, and along with it, legitimacy, prestige, longevity and recognition by the market, although the weighting to be applied to each may vary."

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  • Winemaker interviews

    Montalcino's smallest winery is also making some of its best wines. With vineyards adjacent to some of Tuscany most famous names, Podere Canapaccia is quietly making outstanding Brunello.

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  • Wine news

    NPR on how after fires California wine country wants tourists. "But since Buena Vista reopened a couple of weeks ago, Blackwood is facing another problem: a big drop in visitors."

    US News and World Report on how Ohio needs more vines. "Steiner says tough winters are hard on vineyards, especially since newly planted vines take at least four years to produce grapes."

    Andrew Jefford in Decanter considers comfort zones in wine appreciation. "Since then, I’ve learned my lesson; Languedoc friends want to drink Languedoc wines."

    The Guardian on Albania's wine renaissance. "The Adriatic country was almost entirely off-limits to foreigners until 1991, and under forced collectivisation (from the 1950s) only produced two wines: red and white. Today, it is seeing a renaissance of its dozen or so native grapes in 30 innovative wineries."

    The New York Post reports that one drink per day puts you are peril for cancer. "One study that ASCO cites even found that 5.8 percent of all cancer deaths in the world, in 2012, could be attributed to alcohol."

    The Drinks Business reports that Salvador Dali's wine book has been re-released. "First released in 1976 as a follow-up to Dalí’s cult 1973 cookbook Les Dîners de Gala, the book explores the pleasures of the fermented grape in texts by Max Gérard and Louis Orizet alongside “sensuous and subversive” works by the artist."

    Jancis Robinson on Burgundy 2017 when smoke saved the grapes. "The 2016 Burgundy harvest was so small it put many of the small family-owned domaines that dominate the Côte d'Or under considerable financial pressure, especially those badly hit by the hail that shrank the crop in 2012, 2013 and 2014."

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  • Feature

    Dorothy J. Gaiter on what wines to bring when you need to turn up with a gift.

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  • Wine news

    CNN on why California winemakers need you to visit. "We're in the middle of harvest -- this is supposed to be the busy season around here," she says. "The ripple effect is tremendous. Many small businesses that depend on high season to make their revenue for winter are hanging by a thread."

    Climate change is creating new wine regions reports Quartz. " In Europe, England, Poland, and Austria would develop more favorable conditions, the study predicted. And in the US, the states of Montana, Wyoming, and Michigan would reap benefits."

    Reuters on Argentina ditching a wine tax proposal. "Unlike beer, mineral water and sugary drinks, Argentine wine is exempt from tax."

    The San Francsico Chronicle on Napa’s latest attempt at a Millennial-friendly winery. "In Khaledi’s view, modern Napa has become too safe, too risk averse, and its wines too homogenous."

    The Drinks Business reports that researchers have found the gene that produces flavor in wine. "The study found that alleles or ‘versions’ of two genes, TOR1 and FAS2, were responsible for the highest production of phenylethyl acetate."

    Eric Asimov in the New York Times on Cabernet Franc and the Finger Lakes. "The best cabernet francs were light- to medium-bodied with almost delicate textures and lively acidity, the sort that would go especially well on the Thanksgiving table."

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