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    Argentina: The New Wave Of Malbec Producers

    by Amanda Barnes on 5/27/2016

    While Malbec still reigns supreme in Argentina, there are a host of new up-and-coming producers who are putting a different foot forward in the market and showing that there are many more varieties to discover. read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news May 27, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 5/27/2016

    Vanity Fair talks to Lewis Black about his love of wine. "Black has not always been one for white wines, but has, over the years, found a few that work for him."

    CNBC on France's new wine theme park. "It has 19 different themed spaces, majority of which are interactive."

    Decanter reports that new Manchester United boss José Mourinho will renew his wine friendship with former boss Alex Ferguson. "It was Portuguese wine from the Douro that started a wine tradition between the two managers; albeit Ferguson claimed Mourinho initially had much to learn."

    Jancis Robinson on England coming of age as a wine producing country. "It was a little surprising and especially rewarding to participate in a blind tasting late last year in which English sparkling wine 'triumphed' over a series of top-quality champagnes."

    In the New York Times Wine School Eric Asimov circles back on Barberas from Piedmont. " The Vietti seemed the lightest-bodied of the three even though it had the most alcohol at 14 percent."  He introduces Provençal rosé. "Rosés from Bandol like the Pibarnon are generally sturdier and can even age well."

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  • Wine news

    Wine news May 26, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 5/26/2016

    NPR on the Judgment of Paris. "It turned out to be the most important event, because it broke the myth that only in France could you make great wine. It opened the door for this phenomenon today of the globalization of wine," Taber says."

    The Chicago Tribune on what's causing the red wine headache. "Freitag said red wine headaches are likely linked to tyramine and tannins."

    Reuters on China's importance to South African winemakers. "South African wine exports to China rose almost 30 percent in 2015 alone, according to statistics from South African Wine Industry Information and Systems (SAWIS)."

    Forbes on Colorado wine. "The truth is that Cab Franc and Gewürztraminer (or Merlot or Chardonnay or or or) that comes from Colorado is not going to taste exactly like those wines from more familiar parts of the world."

    The Jerusalem Post on the politics of wine. "The idea of working the land and making it our own was adopted by the Labor Zionist movement. David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, worked at the Rishon Le Zion Cellars; and Levi Eshkol, Israel’s third prime minister, managed the vineyards, underscoring the importance of the industry in the new Israel."

    Eater asks what country is offering the best value wines? "While I would say you could find great value wines in any country, I think Spain has always been producing excellent wines, with fair and affordable prices."

    Jane Anson in Decanter on a Spanish wine revolution. "He points out that while Italy and Spain have around the same number of hectares under vines, in Italy there are around 35,000 producers who bottle their own wines. In Spain, there are little more than 6,000."

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  • Wine news

    Wine news May 24, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 5/23/2016

    Reuters on wines hidden in a Czech estate that offer a taste of the 19th century. "The wines include Chateau d'Yquem vintages from 1892 - valued at up to 750,000 crowns ($31,000) per bottle - and 1896, and the whole collection is worth at least 30 million crowns, according to early estimates."

    SFGate reports that the wine organization In Pursuit of Balance has ceased operation. "That, and both Hirsch and Parr want to dedicate more time to their own individual (for-profit) winery ventures. The demands of running a nonprofit, Hirsch said, were becoming unrealistic."

    Tom Acitelli in the Washington Post on a NY state law that was passed around the same time as the Judgment of Paris in 1976. "The act allowed small producers, including grape growers, to sell wine directly to the public as well as directly to restaurants and other retailers. "

    The Telegraph says Hampshire wineries are producing great wine. "Chardonnay especially loves chalk and many Hampshire cuvees have a generous dollop in their blend."

    Palate Press meets the Languedoc outsiders. "They are outsiders by function as well; many of them had never created wine until making the decision to move to the south of France for purpose of becoming a second-career winemaker."

    Food & Wine talks with Randall Grahm about his new project the Popelouchum vineyard near San Juan Bautista, California. "So the question is: How do you create a wine of place in California in a short lifetime? It seemed to me that 
if you make a wine that's a blend of 2,000 or 3,000—or 10,000—genetically distinct varieties, then the character of any one specific variety won't be present anymore. All you have left is a symphonic expression of the land."

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  • Wine news

    Wine news May 23, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 5/22/2016

    The Independent on how an auction of DRC was thrown in chaos after fraud claims. "Mr Ganne told The Independent that he had ordered “five or six lots” to be withdrawn from the sale because of the allegations made on the site Wineberserkers.Com."

    The Guardian asks is India ready for wine pilgrimages? "Domestic sales of Indian wine rose almost 20% in 2015, and a record 18 million litres are expected to be produced this year, and the quality is improving too: wines aimed at the Indian market are generally too sweet for international palates, but drier export varieties have won awards and a place on supermarket shelves (including in Marks & Spencer)."

    Decanter on traveling with wine. "First, do not over pack your suitcase and don’t sit on it to close it!"

    Bloomberg reports on the $21.9 M Koch wine auction. "Ten bottles of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1945 Bordeaux from the cellar of billionaire collector William Koch fetched $343,000 at a three-day Sotheby’s sale in New York which raised $21.9 million, a total it said was a record for a wine collection sold at auction."

    The Daily Mail on wine served in a "bagnum." "And he pointed out that 95 per cent of bottles of wine bought in the UK are now drunk within 24 hours - so bottling them using techniques for aging wine is not needed."

    Jancis Robinson on new wave Australian wine. "Some of the old hands in the Australian wine business mutter dismissively about these new-wave artisans, few of whom follow the precepts of conventional wine-school training."

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  • Love By The Glass

    Want to Be Ahead of a Trend? Remember This: Cabernet Franc

    by Dorothy J. Gaiter on 5/21/2016

    "We found ourselves in California earlier this month for a few days, a frustratingly short time to visit such a wonderful place, but it was long enough to convince us that Cabernet Franc seems to be having a moment." read more »

  • Wine and Food Pairings

    Funky Food Pairings

    by Marco Salerno on 5/21/2016

    Five food/wine combinations that will excite the modern day foodie. read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news May 19, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 5/19/2016

    The Smithsonian asks can wine made without grapes match the real thing. "In a post on MediumChua describes his first attempt using ingredients found on the shelves of his local brew store and nearby Safeway grocery."

    Decanter reports that a private equity firm has taken a stake in Far Niente wine. "The company, owner of a majority share in Napa-based Duckhorn Wine Company since 2007, bought the stake from Far Niente owners Beth Nickel, Erik Nickel, Dirk Hampson and Larry Maguire, all of whom remain shareholders." on 25 ways wine is good and bad for you.

    The WSJ on why the wine of the pope is worth rediscovering. "THE SO-CALLED “WINE of the popes,” Frascati is said to have once flowed from the fountains of Rome to celebrate the inaugurations of two particular pontiffs, Clement X and Innocent X, in the 17th century. "

    Jon Bonné in Punch on the wines of the Canary Islands. "Of course, the Canaries have had past fans—Shakespeare, most famously, whose characters went on about “Canary wine,” which was likely not far off from a lighter style of Madeira."

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  • Producer Profile

    Puglian Expression = True Value

    by Barbara Sturgis on 5/18/2016

    Organic Southern Italian gems from Cantine Polvanera read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news May 17, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 5/16/2016

    The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Copain has sold to Jackson Family wines. "Copain winemaker Wells Guthrie, who co-founded the business in 1999 with San Francisco holding company Murano Group, will become a Jackson Family employee and continue to make wine under the Copain name. "

    Jamie Goode on money and wine. "Just as money changes how we think, so also the value of wine changes how we approach it. Wine is, at one level, a luxury good that is aspired to by the wealthy. It is a badge of success."

    The Washington Post talks to Mr. Beaujolais, Georges Duboeuf. “We always wanted to showcase the cru Beaujolais, our primary focus,” Duboeuf told me during a recent visit to Washington."

    Food and Wine on how to get in on the Georgian wine revival. "Whites, on the other hand, emerge from the vessels deeply colored (some say ‘orange’, some say ‘amber’), more savory-umami than fruit-forward, often with the tannins to match."

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