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  • Wine news

    Wine news December 6, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 12/6/2016

    Decanter on pesticide protesters in Bordeaux. "Marie-Lys Bibeyran, of protest group ‘Médoc Pesticides Collective’, addressed vineyard workers directly in a statement. ‘We are here for you,’ she said. ‘You should not have to choose between health and work."

    The Drinks Business on how China's wine imports are expected to grow 25% in 2016. "The country imported 505 million litres of wines, worth about US$1.9 billion in the first 10 months of the year, a year-on-year increase of 18.01% in value, according to data released earlier by the China Association for Imports and Export of Wine & Spirits."

    Winefolly provides a guide to German white wine.

    The New York Times rediscovers Lambrusco. "But lambrusco requires some study because it is a complicated wine, perhaps even more so than riesling. There are at least three methods for making it. A typical producer may have a portfolio of six or more lambruscos, each one different."

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  • Wine news

    Wine news December 5, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 12/5/2016

    Salon on the impact of a Trump administration on the wine industry.  "Vineyards employ the majority of immigrants who work in the wine industry, and these skilled workers do everything from planting and pruning the vines to hand harvesting the fruit and preparing it for market."

    Jancis Robinson tastes 2002 Champagne. "This wine really stood out from the crowd, not least because its maker insists it is a wine not a champagne, and it did indeed look and taste rather like raisins macerated in old white burgundy."

    ABC News reports that Broncos star Von Miller gifts wine to every AFC East player. "A cabernet sauvignon called The Setting, the wine was blended by Boulder, Colorado, native Jesse Katz and features Miller's autograph and an outline of orange eyeglasses on the label."

    The Washington Post on how Virginia can find it's wine identity. "Today, the best Virginia wines show a distinct sense of character, even of “place.” Wineries such as Linden, Ox-Eye and RdV were founded on land chosen for wine grapes, in contrast to vineyards planted on vacation farms."

    The week provides gift suggestions for wine lovers.

    The Wine Spectator reveals its top 10 wines of 2016. Lots of points.

    On Jamessuckling.com Stuart Pigott reveals his top 25 dry German Riesling of 2016. "Helmut Dönnhoff of the eponymous estate in Oberhausen/Nahe, the father of Cornelius Dönnhoff and maker of the number wine on the hit list explains. “More than 20 years ago we only got the kind of fully ripe, but beautifully clean grapes for top quality dry wines a couple of times a decade, so those wines were rare. Today we get the right kind of grapes for them every year!” 

    In Decanter Andrew Jefford explores Cava. "he result, in the case of the best Cava, is a fine sparkling wine of genuinely indigenous style.  One which, in other words, not only has Mediterranean scents and flavours, but whose balance is necessarily and appropriately different to that of Champagne."

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  • Celebrate

    Celebrating The Underappreciated: Cabernet Franc Day 2016

    by Lisa Denning on 12/3/2016

    Cabernet Franc Day 2016 - "Yes, surprisingly enough, Cabernet Sauvignon is the product of an accidental cross between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc back in the 17th century in Southwestern France." read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news December 2, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 12/2/2016

    Eater introduces vegan wine. "To keep its wine vegan, Karlo Estates uses bentonite — which is used in both vegan and conventional winemaking — as its processing aide of choice."

    CBS on a study that shows white wine may increase chance of melanoma. "A new study in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention analyzed health records of more than 200,000 white people and found that just one drink of alcohol a day raised the risk of melanoma by 13 percent, but only if the alcohol was white wine."

    The Street names the top 10 wine cities in the US. 

    Vice on how LA's wine scene is turning orange. 

    The Wall Street Journal on Beaujolais. "In fact, Beaujolais Nouveau cannot be produced in the cru zones. But that doesn’t keep drinkers from confusing them."

    The San Francisco Chronicle profiles the Wines of Michael Cruse their Winemaker of the Year. "Valdiguié, for me,” Cruse says, “is the bottling that summarizes everything, if you’re going to talk about Cruse Wine Co.”

    The San Francisco Chronicle picks a winemaker to watch Johanna Jensen of Keep Wines. Michael Savage, Savage Grace Wines, Brian and Stephanie Terrizzi, Giornata, Broadside, Ketan Mody, Beta Wines, Jasud Estate. "California Albariño may not seem like a category in need of reinvention — it doesn't seem poised to push Chardonnay off the shelf anytime soon — but when Johanna Jensen started experimenting with the variety, while working at the Scholium Project, she aimed for something new."

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  • Wine news

    Wine news December 1, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 12/1/2016

    The Chicago Tribune on "black wine." "Relax: There's no squid ink or cuttlefish in play. "Black wine" is actually red wine — a very dark malbec."

    Bloomberg on the $845 wine book that dealers can't keep in stock. "Compiled by one of the world’s best sommeliers, Enrico Bernardo, the book highlights 100 remarkable wines from across time and around the world."

    The Wine Enthusiast talks to Kevin Zraly. "The first 10 years, the students were mainly men over 40. Today, the ratio is 55 percent [women]."

    The OC Register on how a Beverly Hills cardiologist helped put Paso Robles on the map. "Soon after he planted his first vineyards in 1963, he hired Napa’s legendary André Tchelistcheff, one of the pioneering giants of California winemaking, to serve as a consultant.'

    Fox News on how to prevent a wine headache. "Taking a non-drowsy antihistamine prior to drinking wine may help."

    The Portland Mercury rates box wine. "And box winemakers are really upping their game—I just discovered that a $12 bottle of rosé we served at our wedding is now available in a box—you can serve and feel almost classy."

    The Mercury News on the best wine books. "White’s most useful section is his introduction to “grower Champagne,” high quality, less expensive wines, made by the same folks who farm the grapes — instead of selling them to the big commercial Champagne houses."

    The Bangkok Post on Virginie Routis, the first woman to ever be given the keys to legendary cellars of the Elysee Palace. "The 38-year-old is also responsible for serving -- and impressing -- the monarchs and heads of state who regularly dine at the Elysee."

    The Drinks Business asks could climate change lead to British Malbec? "These changes could see Britain acquire ideal climate conditions to produce grape varieties including Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, in areas such as Peckham and Milton Keynes, claims the study."

    Jane Anson in Decanter on how Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot have risen to the top of the world planting league. "Today they hold the two top spots as the world’s most planted varieties, with Cabernet the most well-travelled grape with almost 30,000 hectares (ha) planted globally. Back in 1990 they were in 8th place (Cabernet) and 7th (Merlot)."

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  • Feature

    Momma, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Wine Reps

    by Peter Zusman on 11/30/2016

    C’mon, we’ve all seen them out on the street—the ladies and gentlemen with their roller bags and printouts of their portfolios culled from Sevenfifty.com going from shop to shop, restaurant to restaurant, and bar to bar. read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news November 30, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 11/30/2016

    The Frisky on the 98 year old yoga teacher who hates water but loves wine. "She prefers wine and tea, and even founded the American Wine Society with her late husband in 1967."

    The Sacramento Bee on Idaho wine. "When Idaho vintners were asked what style of wine would be most closely identified with the state in another decade, their responses ranged all over the board, and not without reason."

    The Napa Valley Register on California Chenin Blanc and old vine Zinfandel. "The Napa Valley is full of amazing stories and produces many spectacular wines, most made by passionate people who have their own special stories to tell. But few can speak through the voice of older vineyards or more diverse varietals."

    The Guardian looks at the impact of the earthquake on the NZ wine industry. “The Marlborough wine industry faces some challenges,” said economic development minister Steven Joyce, who has twice met with affected wineries in the region since the quake, of which there are 140."

    Amanda Barnes in Decanter speaking to UC Davis researchers in California on how "Landmark research paves way to full genome map of Cabernet Sauvignon that could help winemakers battle a changing climate."

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  • Winemaker Interviews

    Organic Long Island: David Page and Barbara Shinn of Shinn Estate Vineyards in Long Island, NY

    by Christopher Barnes on 11/29/2016

    David Page and Barbara Shinn have pushed the boundaries in terms of organic viticulture on Long Island shunning pesticides and herbicides and embracing biodynamics and the result is great wine. read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news November 29, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 11/29/2016

    In the New York Times Eric Asimov's wine school wraps up Montsant. "There is no such thing as a single “best.” With a bottle that has the potential to age for decades, for example, people often agonize over when to open it, not wanting to miss that moment when it is at its best."

    Also in the New York Times Eric Asimov's wine school moves onto Dolcetto. "But in Dogliani, to the south of Alba, dolcetto takes pride of place. It only produces dolcetto, so dolcetto gets all the best places in the vineyard. For that reason, Dolcetto di Dogliani is often thought to be bigger and riper than Dolcetto d’Alba."

    Time Magazine explores Namibia palm tree wine. "Palm wine is gathered using an ancient technique, first used by the Himba people in the mid-16th century when their ancestors migrated from northern Angola to northern Namibia."

    Conde Nast Traveler on where to take a wine bath in Tuscany.

    The Japan Times on why Japan produces more white wine than red. "The reason for this, said Hiroshi Ito, a senior official of the Japan Wineries Association, is that production in Japan of Koshu, a major white wine grape variety, is higher than that of Muscat Bailey A, a major grape variety used to make red wine."

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  • Wine news

    Wine news November 28, 2016

    by Christopher Barnes on 11/28/2016

    The New York Times talks to wine writer Mark Oldman about his favorite destinations. " In the United States, I am a fan of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia — the chardonnays and rosés are great, and you hear about Thomas Jefferson everywhere you go because he’s from Virginia and was such a wine lover."

    The Wall Street Journal on how to turn narrow minded wine lovers onto something new. "Fluent vinous translators, they create bridges between wines that are familiar and those that are unknown."

    Business Insider answers wine questions with science. "The price comes from a number of different factors – the type of grape, how long it's aged, etc. For the casual drinker, an inexpensive bottle could taste just as good if not better."

    Andrew Jefford in Decanter remembers his visit to the Trump Winery in Virginia and contemplates the boycott on South African wine. "The estate (Virginia’s biggest, at around 80 ha) was run by charming professionals, and the wines were all competently crafted, with a California rather than a European cast."

    The Telegraph on scientific data showing wine may slow the aging process. "The reduced risk of circulatory disorders in moderate drinkers is familiar enough, but they also tend to be more robust and less prone to thinning of the bones, diabetes, mild hypertension, stomach disorders and kidney and gallstones."

    Jancis Robinson is excited about the 2015 northern Rhone reds. "For talented négociant Michel Tardieu of Tardieu-Laurent, 'never, ever have we tasted such quality of juice. The wines are both dense and fresh: the perfection of their balance is astonishing."

    The Washington Post on Philippe Bascaules move from Inglenook to Château Margaux. "To be precise, the friendship between Inglenook and Château Margaux can be traced to 2011, when Inglenook owner Francis Ford Coppola hired Bascaules, who had worked at Margaux for 21 years and risen to assistant winemaker under famed director Paul Pontallier."

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