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  • Column

    "Here’s a fun holiday party idea we got years ago from a reader." Dorothy J. Gaiter

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  • Wine news

    Paste Magazine on wine weed. "In the coming year, Rebel Coast plans to craft and release a refreshing cannabis-infused rosé and a sparkling wine, as well as a line of Cannabidiol-infused (CBD) wines with medicinal benefits, but no psychotropic effects, in the second half of 2018."

    Japan Today looks at wine as an investment. “I’ve drunk a lot of wine in my life and know what I like . . . [but] it’s more a passion than an investment. For me, it would be a very low percentage of my overall investments, probably not even a percentage point. When I invest in such things that are more speculative, I like to keep it within a range where I can sleep at night,” said Rogers, Asurion LLC’s general counsel for Asia and vice-chair of the ACCJ Alternative Investment Subcommittee."

    Cricket legend Ian Botham to launch an English sparkling wine reports The Drinks Business. "Indeed, Botham, who has for a long time been open about his love of wine, already has a business interest in the Australian wine trade, as part owner of the Botham Merrill Willis label, which sees cricketers Botham and Bob Willis join forces with McLaren Vale winemaker Geoff Merrill."

    Zachary Sussman of Punch goes inside the wine cellar at Chez Panisse. "“If there were mentors to the list—people who set it going—then Kermit is absolutely one of them, if not the one,” says Jonathan Waters. Among the first of his generation to introduce Americans to France’s regional wine traditions, Lynch spent the greater part of the decade in search of a new wave of independent, estate-bottled wines that had never been exported to U.S. shores."

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  • Wine news

    Paul Mabray on Medium takes a look at Snooth founder Philip James' new venture. "While his pollyanna Wikipedia page paints him as the most successful wine-tech founder in history, most of us in the industry remember a different story."

    Food and Wine on Lady Gaga's wine. "However, it’s worth noting that it was only reported as recently as this past February that Lady Gaga’s crew had also laid down the groundwork for a line of wine (or wine products) under the name “Grigio Girls”—which was also the name of a bonus track on her 2016 album, Joanne. "

    The BBC on art and wine drinking classes. "And while I'm clutching a brush in my right hand, my left is wrapped around a large glass of sauvignon blanc. While the brush may help me unlock my creative genius, the wine is helping quell my nerves."

    On Seven Fifty Daily Amanda Barnes explores Swiss Chasselas. "Revered for its finesse and how well it expresses Swiss terroir, it’s also the most planted native variety in Switzerland by far, occupying almost 4,000 hectares."

    The Drinks Business reports on Jancis Robinson joining the Wine Show. "Commenting on her role in the production, Robinson said: “Filming in a heatwave in Provence with Joe, two good-looking actors, a great chef and some delicious wine – what’s not to like?”

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  • Winemaker Interviews

    Lisa Denning chats with Remi Cohen about how a passion for art, architecture, music and wine led Cliff Lede to create one of Napa's most interesting wineries.

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  • Wine news

    Bloomberg reports that Rupert Murdoch's Malibu vineyards are going to be ok. "The 16-acre Moraga Estate, acquired in 2013 for $28.8 million, was in an evacuation zone. Murdoch and wife Jerry Hall occupy a 7,500-square-foot house on the property. The home wasn’t damaged, Rich said."

    Food and Wine talks to John Legend about his wine. "I’ve liked wine ever since I could drink,” he says. “I usually like white wine during the day, I like red wine at night, I feel like it settles and calms me and feels like nighttime."

    The Guardian on weed and wine tours in California. "Plastic cups of wine were passed around along with joints as our party bus chugged over the Golden Gate bridge. Tupac’s California Love oozed from the speakers into an atmosphere as foggy as a San Francisco morning."

    Jancis Robinson suggests festive reds. " Some of them, particularly the simpler beaujolais, would make great aperitifs for those who prefer reds to whites. Others are grand enough to be a centrepiece at a special meal. The burgundies and Pinot Noirs may be especially suitable for turkey and its sweeter trimmings."

    Andrew Jefford in Decanter on Montsant in Spain. "Montsant surrounds Priorat like a bangle around a wrist. Which is to say almost completely; there are just a few kilometres near the Priorat village of Porrera where the circle is not closed."

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  • Wine Region

    Crozes-Hermitage, the largest wine appellation in the Northern Rhône, and the wines of Domaine Les Bruyeres.

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  • Wine news

    The New York Times on wines that resound in memory. "I cannot remember a wine that so captured the magical Burgundian formula of weightless intensity."

    The San Francisco Chronicle on Petaluma Gap becoming the newest AVA. “It’s going to have marketing and economic benefits for the communities I represent,” he said. “But you could also say that (wine) consumers will benefit, who haven’t had the benefit of an accurate designation for all these years.”

    Decanter on the wildfires threatening Rupert Murdoch's Malibu vineyard. ‘The property was evacuated … but there may be damage to some buildings in the upper vineyard area.’‘We believe the winery and house are still intact.’

    Atlas Obscura on Salvador Dali's wine bible. "Dalí put together The Wines of Gala, a companion piece to his 1973 cookbook, Les Dîners de Gala, late in life."

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  • Wine news

    Forbes on why Abruzzo has an app. "A local developer then created a straightforward app, called Percorsi (Journeys) that displays photos, summarizes attractions and navigates to targeted destinations using global positioning satellites (GPS)."

    Matt Kramer in the The Wine Spectator on subjectivity in wine. "The subjective is the only true measure of a wine. Wine exists for our senses and can only be assessed by our senses. Really, no other measure has any meaning."

    Forbes talks to wine pros about their best Secret Santa gift. "For around $30, get the Di Giovanna V.21 Vasca Ventuno Grillo from Sicily. Made from organic grapes, it's a tasty, easy-drinking party wine, and you’ve got FOUR bottles-worth of wine in one box.”

    Decanter visits with some Oregon winemakers taking a crack at Burgundy. "For such a venerable Burgundy estate, that dates back to 1431 and is part of the Hospices de Beaune birthing story, it’s rather fascinating to detect the American influences at work."

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  • Feature

    Bruno Paillard talks with Lisa Denning about his goal of growing the perfect grapes to make wines that are "alive."

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  • Wine news

    CNN reports that Pizza Hut is getting into the wine delivery business. "Stores need to have a license to distribute alcohol, though Bourgeois said many Pizza Hut locations already have one."

    Haaretz talks to Jancis Robinson about Israeli wine. “White wines were impressive, much better than I remembered, and I think the Mediterranean varieties shone out. I really enjoyed some of the Rhone blends as they seem to have good freshness."

    Bon Appetit asks how many bottles does your dinner party need? "According to my very professional opinion, a 750mL bottle of wine works out to be about four glasses of wine, and two chugs straight from the bottle you are awarded as the dinner party host."

    Forbes on the 5 most important estates in Italy at the moment. "At the end of 2016, Italian wines ranked fifth in both volume and value of bottled imported wine into China."

    Business Insider on how to impress your date with your wine order. "Staying in budget is important — and just because a wine is expensive, doesn't mean you and your date are going to like it."

    Decanter on the question how much wine does a vine produce. "Let’s look at extremes. At the lower end, each vine at the Sauternes premier cru supérieur Château d’Yquem yields just one glass of wine. At the upper end, in the more industrialised, heavily irrigated vineyards around the world, 24 bottles of wine per vine is not unheard of."

    The Drinks Business on 12 things you would know if you worked in a wine shop.

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