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  • Wine news

    Wine news March 29, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 3/29/2017

    SFGate asks should wine be natural or democratic? "The argument is "the wine equivalent of saying that McDonald's deserves the affection and respect of food critics," writes Alder Yarrow on his Vinography blog."

    Bon Appetit asks how long does wine last once it is opened? " If you were responsible enough to remember these precautions before you hit the hay, a bottle of red or white wine can last approximately between two and five days."

    Decanter on how to let a wine breathe.

    Fox News on how Target's new stores contain wine and beer boutiques. "Depending on the wine, Clément Robert MS, head sommelier and wine buyer at 28-50 wine bars, recommends giving a wine 60 minutes, on average, to aerate."

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  • Wine news

    Wine news March 28, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 3/28/2017

    Fox News reports on Eric Asimov's desire to see ingredients listed on a wine label. "I definitely think wineries should be more forthcoming about the contents of their wines," Stephanie Miskew of The Glamorous Gourmet told Fox News."

    Punch on how to use white port. "Further, white port is often characterized by flavors of golden raisins, orange peel and even almonds, as opposed to the spicy, berry-like aromas found in red port."

    The Drinks Business on the top ten sommelier pet peeves. "Failing to buff your glassware, or presenting it in a poor condition, was another commonly cited irritation, as was failing to fetch a fresh glass for a guest requesting to taste a new bottle."

    Decanter reports on the singer Pink, who is a fan of biodynamics and has spent the past four years cultivating an organic vineyard in southern California. "I took online courses. I started at the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET). I would get off stage and be, like, oh, I have a test. I loved it, especially the [online] videos."

    Winefolly picks out some crazy corkscrews. 

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  • Wine news

    Wine news March 27, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 3/27/2017

    Eric Asimov in the New York Times on twelve wine grape worth discovering. "Carricante I love this white grape from the Mount Etna region of Sicily, an area far better known for its reds."

    Salon on hacking the wine list. "If you’re looking at a by-the-glass list, every one has what sommeliers call “gimme wines.” These are selections that are instantly recognizable and people say, “Give it to me, I don’t care what it costs.” Those wines have a “gimme tax,” meaning restaurants charge more for them because people will pay it no matter what it costs."

    Natural wines are finding fans in Dallas according to the Dallas Morning News. "Over the past 10 years, their enthusiasts have grown into a hip subculture in the wine world that includes cutting edge restaurants, such as Wildair and Ichimura in New York City and Terroir Natural Wine Bar and Merchant in San Francisco, and stores such as Lou Wine Shop in Los Angeles and Chambers Street Wine and Spirits in New York."

    The Mercury News on wine made in Hawaii. "When C. Pardee Erdman bought the 58,000-acre cattle ranch in the 1960s, he brought in sheep and elk — and Emil Tedeschi, of the Napa Tedeschi family, to create Maui’s first vineyard and winery, which opened in 1974."

    Barrons checks out wine on tap. “Five years ago, there were probably 200 wine-on-tap locations around the U.S.,” says Jordan Kivelstadt, co-founder of Napa Valley tap implementer Free Flow Wines. “Now, I’d say there are 4,000."

    Jancis Robinson on Brunello 2012. "Coolish September nights seem to have preserved lip-smacking levels of acidity and the 2012s I tasted look like promising candidates for ageing. The summer drought resulted in very small berries, however - hence all that concentration - and one of the smallest harvests overall that the region has known."

    Alice Feiring did not enjoy Bianca Bosker's New York Times opinion piece about joys of processed wine. "Any thinking person who read Bosker's conclusion (or the titles), would guess the writer was clearly out of her mind."

    Alfonso Cevola asks who are the future thought leaders of Italian wine? "It’s hard for someone who hasn’t been in the game for very long to understand this: Italian wines, at one point, were lacking, some would say even awful."

    The San Francisco Chronicle on the revival of the Mission wine grape. "Fifteen years ago, Campbell felt lucky if he could charge $500 per ton for his Mission fruit. Now the Amador County average is $2,300 — more than Zinfandel."

    Andrew Jefford in Decanter explores the impact of shale, slate and schist on wine. "The growers pointed out that schist soils, usually acid in themselves, tend to give high pH wines (and that conversely high pH limestone soils tended to give lower pH wines) — but that, despite this, schist soils seem to bring freshness."  

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  • Wine Event

    Wine on Wheels 2017 Grand Tasting and Auction

    by The Editors on 3/24/2017

    Wine on Wheels 2017 run by top sommelier Yannick Benjamin allows one to taste older vintage wines from some of the world's most unique producers selected by a who's who of New York's top restaurant professionals - and all this for an amazing cause. read more »

  • Winemaker Interviews

    Gianluca Colombo, Réva Winery in Piedmont

    by Christopher Barnes on 3/24/2017

    Gianluca Colombo talks about about the challenges and opportunities of starting a Barolo-focused winery from scratch in an area steeped with tradition. read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news March 24, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 3/24/2017

    Mashable on how a small tweak can make it easier to pour wine. "After numerous tests, Perlman came up with the perfect groove that a wine stream could not get past — measuring roughly 2mm wide and 1mm deep."

    Digital Trends reports wine app Vivino is launching a recommendation enginge tied to ecommerce. "The new marketplace makes use of data aggregated from Vivino’s bustling community of 23 million members, recommending the wines that align best with individuals’ tastes and price points."

    The Wine Spectator reports that Gallo has purchased Stagecoach vineyard with its 600 acres of hillside vines. "Today, Stagecoach sits in a popular area, next to Bryant Family Vineyard and Dalla Valle. Krupp sells fruit to more than 90 wineries, including Alpha Omega, Caymus, Duckhorn, Pahlmeyer and Quintessa."

    Decanter explores the differences between aging wine in a double magnum versus a standard bottle. "Logic tells us that the larger format should age more slowly, the colour should be deeper and darker, and aromas should be fresher and less evolved."

    The Drinks Business on fakes at a Chinese wine fair. "For a fair of this magnitude, you will be sure to see not only new wine releases but also plenty of fraudulent and outright counterfeit wines from what they call ‘DIY Penfolds’ to look-alike Bordeaux first growths."

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  • Column

    Smith-Madrone: A Napa Cabernet That’s Classy and Ageable, in English or Latin

    by Dorothy J. Gaiter on 3/23/2017

    "It was so elegant and true, with ripe black fruits, cedar, rich earth and minerals that cut through it all like a blade, that we geeked out about it for hours." Dorothy J. Gaiter on Smith Madrone Cabernet Sauvignon read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news march 23, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 3/23/2017

    The New York Times reviews the new book Cork Dork. "She gets a quick, boozy education, and so do we. About how to decant properly, which is as difficult as sinking a hole in one. About how to serve, which involves more rules than cricket."

    Winesearcher reviews Game of Thrones wines. "Unlike winter in Westeros, we live in an era when almost all wines are competently manufactured. Game of Thrones Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 is solid – balanced, with straightforward cherry flavor."

    The Chicago Tribune on pairing food and wine. "The key to pairing wine with soup is finding a point of interest in the individual ingredients, allowing you to choose your wine accordingly."

    Metro on how to tell if a glass of wine is good. "There is no quality difference between a wine enclosed with a synthetic wine closures and a traditional cork."

    Decanter visits the small producers in Pauillac. "It’s true that in Pauillac almost all of us would make more money by selling our land than making wine,’ agrees Albistur. ‘You have to love it to work as a tiny producer here, but I do want to hand over to my children, and am trying to find ways to perhaps sell some of the vines and keep the rest. I like the idea that if you give them vines, you also give them work – because if they don’t work it themselves they’ll never make anything’."

    The Drinks Business on new player in the US wholesale wine market who is trying to shake things up. "The LibDib tech platform will automatically handle invoicing, payment processing, collections and taxes, which Durzy says allows producers and retailers to do business in “a more open, efficient and cost effective way”.

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  • Wine news

    Wine news March 22, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 3/22/2017

    Time reports on a big time wine and cheese heist. "In what's being considered one of the biggest "wine and cheese busts" in recent Italian history, a group of ten people have been arrested by police for stealing more than $250,000 in fine wines and gourmet cheeses."

    The Financial Times on China and the outlook for fine wine.

    Decanter asks where is all the Champagne going? "Total Champagne sales fell by 2% globally, to 306 million bottles, also hit by a 2.5% decline in France – which still constitutes around half of the overall market. In value terms, global Champagne sales reached 4.71 billion euros last year, only just short of the record of 4.74bn euros set in 2015."

    Palate Press explores Brunello. "So what DO single-vineyard Brunellos taste like? Well, obviously they vary. What struck me was how elegant so many are: they can smell pretty like Nebbiolo, but the tannins are much smoother than young Barolo."

    Food and Wine's sommeliers of the year pick some interesting wines.

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  • Wine news

    Wine news March 21, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 3/21/2017

    Food and Wine asks why does wine give you a headache? "According to a 2013 study, more than a third of regular wine drinkers report occasional headaches from wine—and not from overindulgence."

    Forbes profiles Billionaire investor and entrepreneur,Howard Leight Jr. and his winery, Malibu Rocky Oaks. "The grape vines that were planted were primarily placed there to assist with water runoff from the mountainsides."

    The Guardian on pairing wine with music. "Burzynska herself set up the world’s first “oenosthetic” wine and sound bar in Christchurch’s the Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery in 2014 (it has since closed)."

    Karaksis.com interviews Mark Andrew the founder of Noble Rot Magazine. "As someone who is actively seeking out Greek wines, selling and promoting them, there is a shortage of small artisanal boutique wineries focusing on indigenous varieties when compared to France, Italy and Spain. For me, that is the main issue. When I look at Santorini it is 2-3 wineries, in Naoussa 4-5. We need more!"

    Decanter on a sommelier shortage in England due to BREXIT. "‘More and more top-end sommeliers are going to other countries, like China – and Asia in general,’ he said."

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