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  • Column

    Lynn Fritz’s Temple of Lynmar, With Chardonnay That Moves the Soul

    by Dorothy J. Gaiter on 7/21/2017

    "Lynn Fritz is a man on a mission. The large arc of his life seems to be about community building, and he pursues it with a religious zeal." Dorothy J. Gaiter read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news July 19, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/19/2017

    CNET on how California winemakers are using technology. "All the tanks are equipped with sensors that feed data on variables like temperature and sugar level back to Palmaz's supercomputer, called Fermentation Intelligent Logic Control System (FILCS, pronounced Felix)."

    The Guardian on why rosé is the drink of choice for millennials. " Lorna Andrews, a fashion influencer and blogger, thinks rosé’s less intimidating image has helped its rise. “You can lob a cube of ice in it without fear of vitriol and serve it with any food whatsoever,” she says. “It’s a drink that says: ‘I don’t take life too seriously."

    Brides on a honeymoon at a Croatian underwater winery is a good idea. "If a Croatian honeymoon wasn't already on your travel bucket list, an underwater winery will make it jump right to the top. Enter Edivo Vina, Croatia's first underwater winery, where your wine is literally put into a sunken ship."

    Decanter answers the questions does drinking wine cause snoring. "People usually snore when the oropharynx – the part between the back of the mouth and the top of the trachea, or windpipe – becomes partially blocked. Alcohol relaxes muscles, including in the oropharynx, which can allow tissues in the back of mouth to collapse and obstruct normal breathing."

    The Wine Enthusiast on Burgundy's new generation. "These new négociants have risen to the challenge, spread their bets and combined both sides of Burgundy to bring domaine and trader together."

    The Drinks Business reports that Slovenia is taking the EU to court over a dispute over the rights to use the name Teran. "As such, no Croatian wine labelled as ‘Teran’ was permitted to be sold within the EU but earlier this year the EC, in line with European law, said that Croatian producers in Istria could use the name of the grape on the label as long as ‘Hrvatska Istra‘ or ‘Croatian Istria’ was featured more prominently at the same time."

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  • Grapes

    Unexpected Pleasures: Ruchè from Piedmont, Italy

    by Joyce Lin on 7/19/2017

    Ruchè, is that….. a grape or a wine region? A red or white wine? How is it pronounced? Feeling confused and intimidated? I’m with you but no worries. Today we will talk about Ruchè and we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about this unique varietal. read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news July 18, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/18/2017

    The Atlantic on a Catalan winery that is reviving ancient wine grapes that can survive climate change. "Despite Spanish winemakers’ imminent need for a solution to these increasing temperatures, Bodegas Torres’ ancestral-wine project was actually motivated by a desire to preserve local heritage."

    The Guardian on wines that go with BBQ.

    In Decanter Andrew Jefford on Silvaner. "Silvaner is Franconia’s second most widely planted variety after Müller-Thurgau – but the latter is used principally for bulk wines, while the vast majority of Franconia’s serious, ambitious white wines are Silvaner."

    Do Bianchi celebrates the life of Barolo pioneer Domenico Clerico. "Clerico was among the pioneers who reshaped the Barolo landscape when, in the 1980s, he began aging his wines in barriques — new wood, small French oak casks as opposed to the traditional large-format botti made with Slavonian oak."

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  • Wine news

    Wine news July 17, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/17/2017

    The Guardian on why French winemakers are protesting.  "Right now, the main target of the anger of peaceful protesters and self-styled vinous terrorists alike is the Spanish bulk wine industry, where lower production costs (including lower tax and social insurance contributions for employers) make it much easier to turn a profit from wine’s cheapest end."

    Travel and Leisure on underrated wine regions to visit. "Uruguay has also been called the best-kept secret in South America; though in the wine world, it's typically played third fiddle to the likes of more famous South American wine regions such as Chile and Argentina."

    The Daily Mail reports that Sales of a controversial high-strength tonic wine Buckfast whichis made by Monks in Scotland are soaring as it breaks into the best-selling alcohol brands league table for the first time. "But trade magazine The Grocer reported yesterday that volume sales of 'Bucky' had rocketed by 7b.1per cent to £26.9 million in the past year gaining it 91st place in the magazine's league table of Britain's Biggest Alcohol Brands."

    The Independent reports that "a new report says slightly increased temperatures in the Mediterranean region as a result of global warming may result in labour and productivity losses in the European wine industry."

    Winesearcher reports on California's most expensive wines. "The big story, of course, is the disappearance from the list of last year's most expensive California wine. Screaming Eagle's outrageously priced $3577 Sauvignon Blanc – Sauvignon Blanc, for heaven's sake! – has dropped off the list because there are only three vintages of it available."

    The Washington Post reports on the experience of taking a consumer focused wine blending class. “Our hope is that our guests enjoy the diversity of the wines and understand what makes them the way they are, ideally triggering a greater interest in the complexities of wine,” says winemaker Mike McGrath, who teaches the class. 

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  • Feature

    BDX: Falling in Love again? Part 4 – Why Hipsters Hate Bordeaux

    by Stuart Pigott on 7/14/2017

    "The biggest mistake most of the hipster somms make is their assumption that fruity wine aromas are fake and obscure the non-fruity authentic taste of wine. For them it only becomes apparent when the fruity “mask” is removed. " Stuart Pigott read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news July 14, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/14/2017

    The New York Times on the lively and refreshing wines of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. "Our second favorite was the structured, spicy 2015 Modo Antico from Annona, a recent project from the New York sommelier and restaurateur Joe Campanale, who is making wines in both Abruzzo and Campania."

    The Telegraph on bag in a box wines. "The wine keeps longer once opened. Over two or three weeks’ holiday, it will still taste fresh, as the bag just collapses inside as you empty it, preventing air getting in. Wasps and flies don’t stand a chance, either."

    The Chicago Tribune on wines to drink with grilled seafood.

    The Drinks Business on the top ten drinks gadgets. 

    Decanter reports on archaeological finds at "King Arthur's castle" which show evidence of oysters and wine. "Kings and residents of Tintagel Castle in Cornwall imported wines and feasted on a diet of oysters, cod and roast pork, show new findings at the site."

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  • Wine People

    Walla Walla Women Winemakers Challenge the Status Quo

    by Lucia Albino Gilbert John C. (Jack) Gilbert on 7/13/2017

    Exploring the career paths of five impressive women winemakers in Walla Walla and the steps they are taking to challenge the status quo read more »

  • Wine news

    Wine news July 13, 2017

    by Christopher Barnes on 7/13/2017

    Punch on why Almost Famous is the best wine movie ever. "At its heart, the movie is about loving artistry—or at least artistic pretensions—in an intensely personal and pleasurable way. That’s the obvious parallel to wine, although not the only one."

    The Chicago Tribune on where to start to learn about wine. "Knowledge can increase enjoyment, sure, but it is not a prerequisite in wine appreciation."

    USA Today talks to golfer and winemaker Cristie Kerr. "She also revealed that her caddie had jokingly made himself a “Make Wine Great Again” hat for the week (which he won’t this week), before delving into the actual reason for her success."

    Decanter on the challenges of making wine in India. ‘We receive 250,000 visitors per year here,’ says Samant, ‘many of whom will have never drunk wine before. In fact we’re pretty sure our tasting room sees the single biggest number of people worldwide taking their first sip of wine – most of whom chose the slightly-sweet Chenin Blanc, now our most popular white’.

    read more »

  • Wine Topics

    Wine In Cinema/Cinema In Wine

    by Peter Zusman on 7/12/2017

    Wine and cinema have gone together since the beginning of... read more »

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