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Wine news August 15, 2017

The Telegraph on how a glass of wine can reduce the risk of an early death. "Experts said the findings show that for most older people, the overall benefits of light drinking "clearly outweigh" the possible cancer risk."

The Wisconsin wine industry is growing according to WPR.ORG. "There are 124 permitted wineries in Wisconsin, more than three times as many as there were 10 years ago, according to data from the state Department of Revenue."

The Wine Enthusiast on how wine swindler Rudy Kurniawan fooled the world. "So he would, let’s say, pour out half a bottle of [a] 1959 Patriarch, and he would pour in half a bottle of a high-quality California Pinot Noir."

The Telegraph on the 10 most expensive bottles of wine in the world. "Since the 1900s the slopes of the Scharzhofberger have been well known for the quality of their wine, but it was the Müller family that affirmed the estate’s reputation for producing some of the best white wines in the world, with an unrivalled ability to produce great sweet wines in years when other estates fail."

Decanter on how wine can help solve writers block. "The drinkers also performed slightly better in tasks measuring creative thinking, where they had to come up with as many creative uses as they could for common objects like swing or umbrella."

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