Wine news December 6, 2017

CNN reports that Pizza Hut is getting into the wine delivery business. "Stores need to have a license to distribute alcohol, though Bourgeois said many Pizza Hut locations already have one."

Haaretztalks to Jancis Robinson about Israeli wine. “White wines were impressive, much better than I remembered, and I think the Mediterranean varieties shone out. I really enjoyed some of the Rhone blends as they seem to have good freshness."

Bon Appetit asks how many bottles does your dinner party need. "According to my very professional opinion, a 750mL bottle of wine works out to be about four glasses of wine, and two chugs straight from the bottle you are awarded as the dinner party host."

Forbes on the 5 most important estates in Italy at the moment. "At the end of 2016, Italian wines ranked fifth in both volume and value of bottled imported wine into China."

Business Insider on how to impress your date with your wine order. "Staying in budget is important — and just because a wine is expensive, doesn't mean you and your date are going to like it."

Decanteron the question how much wine does a vine produce. "Let’s look at extremes. At the lower end, each vine at the Sauternes premier cru supérieur Château d’Yquem yields just one glass of wine. At the upper end, in the more industrialised, heavily irrigated vineyards around the world, 24 bottles of wine per vine is not unheard of."

The Drinks Business on 12 things you would know if you worked in a wine shop.