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Wine news July 8, 2015

The Sacramento Bee says older wines are not always wiser. "As wine ages, it follows a mysterious and unpredictable evolution. It can mature prematurely, or it can gain drama and complexity for decades. An amorphous quality called “bottle bouquet” is apt to develop, which beyond being fragrant and intriguing is difficult to define."

Crains asks are sommeliers becoming obsolete. "A sommelier is a big investment, Crecca notes. Master sommeliers average $150,000 a year, while advanced-levels make $78,000 and certifieds, $60,000, according to a 2014 survey by the Guild of Master Sommeliers."

Punch on how Beaujolais is evolving beyond carbonic maceration. "Grapes are being de-stemmed, crushed and extracted in what some call the traditional, or Burgundian way. The wines are less fruity, more structured, tannic, dark, dense, savory, meant to age."

Yahoo on a 550 sq ft East Village apartment with its own winery. "A steel barrel in his living room with more wine­ in ­the ­making. An electric crushing machine. And 4,000lbs of grapes (that’s two tons!) that are dropped off on his sidewalk and stored in his backyard."

The Wine Enthusiast on how to pair wine with take out food.

In Decanter Louis Roederer has allegedly launched a bid to acquire vines in the United Kingdom.

The Drinks Business names the top 5 Italian winemakers.

Palate Press visits at three wine museums.

Forbes looks at what it costs to buy a vineyard in France. "If you are happy with less prestigious land that is not in the AOP category you can get away with an average of 12,700 euros per hectare ($5,700 per acre). Much more affordable."

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