Wine news March 13, 2017

The Mercury News is making the case for half bottles. "Half bottles are perfect for sharing and less expensive to buy than their full-size counterparts. Yet half bottles are rarely seen on restaurant wine lists, market shelves or in winery tasting rooms."

CNN Money on Coravin - the way to drink wine without removing the cork.  "I use Coravin even on a $10 bottle of wine. It's about drinking the amount I want and having that wine in the perfect shape every time I taste it," Lambrecht said."

The San Francisco Chronicle on old wine. "The joy of aged wine can’t be merely chemical, because I know that it rewards knowledge. This joy began to reveal itself to me only once I began to speak wine’s language of aroma, flavor and structure. In a cruel paradox, the more old wine disappoints me — and boy, does it love to disappoint — the more I’m drawn to it."

New York Magazine drinks $14 wine with Hillary Duff. "She is prone to posting sassy quotes on Instagram and trying out new kinds of hats. So — and I say this with the utmost respect — she is the perfect ambassador for Callie Collection Wines, which cost $13.99 a bottle."

Jancis Robinson on Bordeaux 2005. "But there is no doubt that in 2005 wines, particularly red wines, were made differently, and with very different ambitions, to how they are made in Bordeaux today. Sheer mass and, in some quarters, high alcohol was seen as a virtue, as was ripeness at any cost."

The BBC profiles Naked Wines founder Rowan Gormley. "I got called into a meeting, I thought it was to discuss the purchase price," says Mr Gormley, now 54. "Instead, a letter was pushed across the table to me, which said I was being dismissed."

The Chicago Tribune asks what is natural wine? "Meanwhile, critics of the form have called natural wines "flawed" and "unstable." Famed wine critic Robert Parker has deemed natural wines a “fraud” and “one of the major scams being foisted on wine consumers,” but Audi and fellow Third Coast Soif organizer Mark Lindzy disagree."

Andrew Jefford in Decanter on Picpoul. "First of all, it’s one of the rare appellations in Southern France that can be made from a single variety in a world still thirsty for varietal wine."

The Washington Post talks to Italian wine critic Daniele Cernilli. “Quality is higher than Spain, but in price we are lower than France,” Cernilli said, explaining Italy’s appeal to value-conscious consumers."