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Wine news November 15, 2017

The Chicago Tribune asks is the wine in your glass friendly for the environment? "This year, the wine growers of St. Emilion and its satellite appellations in France's Bordeaux region voted to require environmental certification for wineries seeking to put the prestigious appellation names on their labels."

The Los Angeles Times on wines to buy in the aftermath of the California wine fires. "But one thing that’s sure is that the residents of Sonoma and Napa counties are ready to rebuild and move on."

The Guardian on the cult of natural wine. "Using added sulphur, lab techniques and about 70 legal additives, industrial wines are manufactured to be stable, consistent and, arguably, narrow in their flavours. In contrast, natural wine is additive-free, regularly unfiltered and utilises only a tiny amount – if any – of sulphur."

USA Today visits an island full of very old people and their secret is wine. "Paglieno’s age is no anomaly here in picturesque Sardinia, an Italian island in the Mediterranean that is home to the oldest people in the world, according to researchers on aging."

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