Wine news September 15, 2015


The Mercury News on Mendocino Pinot Noir. "Handley co-winemaker Randy Schock's observations on the vintage were more viticulturally focused. "I don't think any of us expected the quality or the yields that we had," he says. The growing season was long, with near-perfect weather."

Bloomberg reports on a Costco heir who is planning on making the next cult wine. "Sinegal is part of a new trend of how Napa’s luxury cab startups, which formerly relied on collector buzz, are using the lure of exclusive experiences to build a fan base."

Vice reports that Portland just hosted a local wine and weed party.  "Meanwhile, to stay in compliance with the state’s pot and alcohol regulations, attendees were required to join a private club (complete with membership dues)."

The Telegraph reports that stressed mums are turning to wine after the school run. "Experts warned of an emerging “drinking culture” among mothers, with growing numbers replacing a cup of tea after school with a glass of wine."

Le Pan asks why bother being a master of wine. "Six long years have passed since I signed up for the course – in that time I have moved more than 11,000 miles from London to New Zealand, got married and had a baby, among other things."