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50 Somms to Follow on Instagram

With sommeliers being the new media megastars of the wine world, we’d like to point out a few that have caught our eye. Here is a list of 50 Instagram somms we feel worth following; not a "Best of," but rather a collection of fun, informed, posters. 

Check them out. 

June Rodil @junerodil
She’s funny, snazzy, and is tearing up Austin, TX.

Pier Alexis Souliere @pasouliere
Best Somm of the Americas 2018.

Michael Englemann @sommelier57
Best Somm in America 2009.

Carlin Karr @carlinkarr
One of Food & Wine’s 2018 Somms of the Year.

Femi Oyediran @graftchs
Zagat’s Charleston 30 under 30.  
Winner of 2017 Top Somm Blind Tasting at Charleston Food and Wine.


Aldo Sohm @aldosohm
Wine Director for Le Bernardin, and his own wine bar. 

D Lynn Proctor @wineauxdlynnp
One of the somms from the film, Somm. Snappy dresser. 

T. J. Harstine @tjharstine
Hip, handsome, fun. Canadian.

Joyce Lin @joyce_foodnwine
Awesome somm I have the pleasure of working with. She actually does beautiful pairings on her page, which most somms do not.

Cha McCoy @cha_squared
Chic, stylish, good taste.

Dustin Wilson @dustinwilsonms
Somm star and Verve Wine co-founder.

Kyungmoon Kim @kimsomm_ms
Burgundy lover, and major baby cuteness.

Arvid Rosengren @arvidrosengren
Best Somm in the World 2016.

Brent Braun @puligny_brauntrachet
Fun Oregon wine guy. 

Brian McClintic @brianmcclinticms
Somm star and organic wine guy.

Alisha Blackwell-Calvert @exquisitevines
One of Wine Enthusiast Mag’s “40 Under 40.”

Noah Singerman @noahbsingerman
Husk to Leon’s Oyster Shop in beautiful Charleston.

Arthur Hon @somm_arthurhon
Artistic pics from a Somm of the Year.

Ian Cauble @iancauble
MS, co-founder of Sommselect. 

Rajat Parr @rajatparr
Travel and wine. 

Morgan W Harris @morganwharris
Lots of great recommendations.

Theo Lieberman @theolieberman
Cool, NY wine guy.

Tonya Pitts @onemarketsf
Helping San Franciscans drink great wine

Pascaline Lepeltier @pascalinelepeltier
Managing Director at Racine, The Dirty Guide to Wine.

Bruce Wallner @mastersomm
Heads up the wine school, Sommelier Factory.

Daniel Veit @danielsomm310
Nice recommendations. Adorable kids.

Luvo Young-Ntezo @luvontezo
Great Somm at One & Only in Cape Town.


Amanda McCrossin @sommvivant
Fun pics. Cool recommendations.

Larry Stone @larrystone1
Eclectic page. Winemaker.

Laura Williamson
Wine and travel pics.

Victoria James @geturgrapeon
Forbes 30 Under 30. Food & Wine Somm of The Year.


Justin Lee @justinlee18
A somm with flair.


Steven Dilley @steven_dilley
Great page of wine and pizza!


Christopher Bates @sommelierbates
MS. The brain behind F.L.X. in NY.


Christopher Sawyer @sawyersommelier
A freelance somm. Cool blog.


Matthew Kaner @matthewjkaner
LA wine guy. Cool red beard.


Daniel Johnnes @danieljohnnes
Great wine blogger.


Taylor Grant @thegeneraltay
LA-based fun somm.


Michel Couvreux @michelcouvreux
Head somm at Per Se.


Jim Sligh @jimsligh
Somm and wine writer.


Jeff Porter @drinkeatlove
Living the grape life.


Jack Mason @jamasoniii
MS. Forbes 30 Under 30.

André Hueston Mack @andrehmack
Maker of Maison Noir Wines.


Jeff Osborne @jeffosborne_
Wine and travel.

Amanda Smeltz @smeltzmonger
Hip Brooklyn wine woman.


Paul Einbund @peinbund
Chartreuse collector. Interesting. Eccentric.


Laura Maniec @lauramaniec
Owner of Corkbuzz Wine, MS.


Ashley Santoro @ashley_santoro
Doing the hip NY wine thing.


Andy Wedge @awedgie9
With famed Momofuku.


Jessica Norris @sommjessnorris
Fun family and wine pics.


































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