Wine news August 12, 2016

The Wall Street Journal asks can a once-hip wine region become hip again. "“Carneros has suffered from the fact that a large number of companies make wine there, but quality isn’t their only goal,” he said."

Bon Appetite on the 5 questions to ask when you are buying wine. "I’m not saying it’s impossible, but the likelihood of a stock boy at Stater Brothers’ market pointing you in the direction of a good Syrah is pretty slim."

The San Francisco Chronicle on Sonoma winery Scribe. "Scribe is an aesthetic: minimalist, rural, folksy. It enacts this aesthetic in its wines — skin-fermented Chardonnay, for example; obscure-for-Sonoma grapes like Sylvaner and St. Laurent — and also in its physical space, which has become a mecca for the Bay Area’s Warby Parker-wearing, pour-over-drinking, reclaimed-wood-loving Millennials."

Buzzfeed on wine opening hacks. 

The Wine Enthusiast says it is a winning time for German wine. “Legendary German reds like Spätburgunder [Pinot Noir] or Frühburgunder [an early ripening mutation of Pinot Noir], as well as a variety of red blends, are so underutilized in America,” Lewis says."

Eric Asimov in the New York Times on how Arianna Occhipinti is putting Vittoria, Sicily on the map. "“It’s stupid not to be organic in Sicily,” Ms. Occhipinti said. “We have the perfect climate.”