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Wine news August 14, 2017

CNBC on how California has found a pot of gold in wine and weed. "One acre of cannabis grown in Northern California can be worth more than $1 million, but real estate broker John Bergman said an acre of planted wine grapes in Sonoma County is valued no more than $200,000."

Elle on how to stop wine hangovers. "Normal hangovers often result from chugging wine on an empty stomach," says Studeman. "So you can start with nourishing yourself." 

GQ taste tests Game of Thrones wine. "They were all, not super surprisingly, not great."

The Washington Post on how to pick wine you will like. "Do the flavors linger on your palate, perhaps even changing some more? Is your final impression harsh, sweet or savory?"

Andrew Jefford in Decanter on the Guerrilla guide to making wine. "High priests often talk about wine as if it contained no alcohol at all, but guerrilla drinkers love wine for its alcohol as well as its scents and flavours: that’s what cheers the heart and lifts the soul around the camp fire at night." 

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