Wine news August 23, 2016

Conde Nast on Italian wine regions you should visit. "Sure, Friuli's known among wine connoisseurs; but Carso, tucked away in the region’s southeastern reaches near Slovenia, remains largely undiscovered."

The New York Times on Kevin Zraly teaching his last class at Windows on the World. "He’s been at it for 40 years with his Windows on the World Wine School, so-called because his classes started at that legendary restaurant."

Food and Wine on Italy's next wine frontier. "Friuli, on the border of Austria and Slovenia, has become one of Italy's most exciting wine regions thanks to its complex, aromatic whites. Producer Giampaolo Venica and writer Anya von Bremzen go exploring, discovering divine polenta and prosciutto and lots of hearty pastas."

LA Weekly on 3 Malibu wine experiences. 

The Mercury News reports that Francis Ford Coppola's winery has released a King Kong wine. "But the next time we watch the 1933 Fay Wray film, we’ll have an entirely new appreciation for the tannins."

Winefolly explains white rioja