Wine news August 25, 2015

CNN on 10 up and coming wine regions. "Akin to Sonoma Valley's landscape 20 years ago, Michigan wine country is bucolic and largely undeveloped, comprising just 100 or so small- to medium-sized wineries and just less than 3,000 acres of wine-producing vineyards."

John Szabo goes digging for minerality. "There’s ample anecdotal and empirical evidence that soils affects the smell, taste and texture of wine. Scientists, however, still struggle to pinpoint exactly why and how these differences arise – the direct and indirect effects of soil chemistry on wine are challenging to identify and even harder to quantify with scientific certainty."

In Winesearcher Empire Wine and Spirits fights against obsolete regulations. "By the end of the 2015 legislative session, both houses of the New York State Legislature passed a bill which clarifies that the Authority’s jurisdiction is limited to wine sold for consumption within New York." on the Ploughman Project an effort to help farmers in Chile following the 2010 earthquake. 

Vice says that Australia's largest wine producing region is struggling. " Over time, the area has built the kind of social pressure associated with drought-stricken Queensland. As a local ominously inferred, "people keep it pretty quiet when someone commits suicide."