Wine news August 29, 2016

Instyle discovers orange wine. “The color comes from macerating the wines with skin—prolonging the skin contact with the juice gives its orangey hue … the longer the contact, the darker and deeper the color,” Riera explains."

The New York Post is concerned about the influence of celebrity winemakers. "Unlike Seaver, most wine country celebrities have multiple homes and as Stuart Smith puts it, “jet in on their G-4’s and jet out with a couple of cases of their wine.”

The Mirror looks at the success of English sparkling wine. “Post Brexit there are huge opportunities which could see the English industry grow even more the predicted and without fear of production limits imposed by EU red tape.”

The Hindu on the maturing of Indian wine.

Andrew Jefford in Decanter on why buying the best isn't always the best. "Given my set of tastes, it’s not difficult, for example, to find wines which deliver much more profound satisfaction than many of the world’s ‘bests’ by hunting round for outstanding sub-€25 bottles in Alsace, Bordeaux, South-West France, Roussillon, the Southern Rhône valley, Italy, Austria or Germany."