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Wine news August 6, 2015

Yahoo Food on how to break out of your wine rut.

Tech Crunch on machine learning for fine wine pricing. "That said, Fletcher does also run a quantitative wine asset management startup, called Invinio, which collaborated on the UCL research and intends to continue working with the university to help refine the algorithms — and potentially use some of the research to improve the tools it provides to wine investors. So there are some immediate commercial applications, too."

Bustle says wine makes you more creative, smarter and attractive.

Allure Magazine's beauty reporter bathed in wine and wrote about it. "Okay, so maybe bathing in wine is a little more extravagant than it is effective, but I swear my skin felt softer and appeared a hint smoother after the treatment. This could definitely be attributed to the grapeseed oil massage rather than the Brunello soak, but I like to think it was a little bit of both."

The Wine Enthusiast picks the top hotels for wine lovers.

Decanter on Masi Agricola listed on the Italian stock exchange and is valued at $150 million.

The Drinks Business says the wine on tap trend is surging in London. "Leading the wine-by-the-keg charge in New York are Charles Bieler and Bruce Schneider, founders of The Gotham Project, which made its debut in 2011 with a Riesling in keg from the east side of Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes."

In Wines and Vines growing urban wineries seek options. "One of the next moves is Helioterra Wines’ relocation from the Southeast Wine Collective in Portland to the new Bjornson Vineyard facility in Salem, Ore."

Dr Vino on a Champagne delivery service in London.

Jamie Goode on why old sweet wines often taste drier. " If you get a 30 year old Sauternes, it isn’t nearly as sweet tasting as a younger wine, even if both started out with the same level of sugar to start with. This dissapearing sweetness is described as the wine ‘eating sugar’."

Punch asks why do so many sommeliers love crappy beer. "But all of this high-low boosterism can also add up to a strange ideological dissonance, akin to a vegetarian who wears leather or local food activist who smokes schwag."

On Majestic Wines launches a click and collect feature for Naked Wines.





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