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Wine news December 10, 2015

Eater looks at mulled wine. "If you are going to make a classic mulled wine, I would recommend something that has relatively high alcohol, lots of fruit, and relatively high tannins."

The Wall Street Journal reviews Suzanne Mustacich's Thirsty Dragon: China’s Lust for Bordeaux and the Threat to the World’s Best Wines. "For the most part, the Chinese had no idea what they were drinking. Enthusiasm for wine outpaced knowledge,” says Ms. Mustacich."

The San Jose Mercury News on 5 signs you are not a wine snob. "Wine snobs always chill wine in an ice bucket, even at home. Who wants to go through the fuss of filling the bucket with ice cubes and water? Toss a bottle in the freezer, and it will be ready to drink in about 20 minutes."

The Wall Street Journal on six reasons the future of wine is bright. "Grahm’s solution? “Popelouchum,” his scheme to plant 10,000 genetically distinct grapes in order to discover which ones might make a New World wine equal in quality to a classic grand cru from across the pond. It’s a paradigm shift for him: Rather than wrestle with a single French varietal, he’ll breed new ones in American soil. Grahm hopes these grapes will help us “climb out of the shadow of the Old World.”

Entrepreneur profiles wine entrepreneur Robert Mondavi. "Robert ended up taking his company public in 1993 because the costs of expansion and another tough market in the ‘80s plagued the company."

The BBC on wine made in a South African township. "It is part of the Cape Flats, an area notorious for drugs and crime - but Ms Xabanisa hopes to use wine to help change this neighbourhood's reputation."

Bloomberg on the top ten wines of 2015.

Jane Anson in Decanter on the Prada of vineyard pruning.

Vinepair profiles Dirty and Rowdy. “Most people in California thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to whole cluster ferment Mourvedre or create a concrete fermented white wine made from Semillon, but I was thankfully too stupid to listen,” says Hardy."

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