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Wine news December 14, 2015

CNNMoney evaluates Amazon's two hour wine delivery service. "The selection available for two-hour delivery isn't huge -- the app displayed 256 results under wine. By comparison, the same search on Amazon's desktop site produced 9,545 results."

NPR talks to winemaker and wine t-shirt maker André Mack. "He got a job at McDonald's when he was 16, had stints at Red Lobster and Chuck E. Cheese (he was the mouse), and then moved on to higher-tier restaurants."

The New York Daily News reports that Governor Cuomo has vetoed bill that would have allowed New York wine retailers to ship outside of New York State. "Cuomo said the measure, which would have made it harder for the State Liquor Authority to crack down on merchants who ship booze to states where out-of-state purchases are prohibited, would have made New York a "haven for entities intent on breaking other state's laws."

Alder Yarrow says the Internet doesn't know much about wine. "As one sane voice in the cacophony of internet idiocy explains, putting a copper penny in a glass of wine will eliminate only one very specific aromatic flaw of a wine. It will certainly not take old, spoiled, oxidized, or otherwise flawed wine and make it any more palatable."

In Decanter Andrew Jefford raises several issues with the Oxford Companion to Wine. "The entry for ‘oenological tannins’ was unsatisfactory and almost irritating, like almost everything I’ve read on this touchy subject, and the tannin section of the ‘oak flavour’ entry didn’t really explain why powdery oak tannins taste and feel so disappointingly different to the ‘thicker’ tannins derived from grape skins."

Jancis Robinson picks some cool, well priced whites. "One of the great mysteries of the world is why some of the finest German Rieslings are not more expensive."

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