Wine news December 15, 2015

Forbes believes that cooperative wines are catching on and catching up. "In France 65% of all independent wine growers (grape farmers / wine producers) belong to a wine cooperative."

The Huffington Post recommends a wine club. "When you buy a bottle of wine at a restaurant for $60, that same bottle probably costs $30 in a liquor store and $20 at a wholesaler."

Slate looks at the job of wine portfolio manager. 

The Washington Post on gifts for wine lovers. "Today, no one captures wine’s poetry better than Joseph Mills, who has just released a second edition of “Angels, Thieves, and Winemakers” (Press 53, $15)."

Decanter reports on the destruction of Rudy Kurniawan's fake wines. "He produced counterfeit wines at his Los Angeles for several years in an elaborate operation that involved concocting blends in his kitchen sink and printing off fake labels on his computer."

Jamie Goode on the rise of lighter colored red wine. "In the space of just a few years, wine lovers are beginning to realize that there is no correlation between depth of colour and wine quality. Pale reds don’t necessarily lack flavour; they seldom lack aroma."

Punch selects their favorite Red Burgundies under $25.

Vinepair on different types of wine openers.

Alice Feiring on efforts to help a winemaker in Georgia who lost his home. "Insurance is not as common in Georgia as it is in the United States and the expenses for rebuilding will be considerable. If you would like to make a donation, no matter how small or symbolic, it will help to know that his wines and efforts for Georgia have been felt."