Wine news December 22, 2017

The Washington Post reports on a teacher who got a gift of wine with a pupil's face on it. "WHIO-TV quoted Mary Sommers as saying: “How many coffee mugs does a teacher need? But who doesn’t need a glass of wine after teaching a kid like mine?” she said."

The Wall Street Journal on Burgundy versus Bordeaux as an investing strategy. “In 2011 Burgundy wasn’t really a thing in Asia. Now merchants in Hong Kong are selling more and more of it.”

Decanter picks its top Burgundies. "Some wineries later saw frost damage compounded by mildew, and subsequently there will be even smaller-than-usual quantities of wine in the worst hit areas."

New York State has levied a historic fine against wine and spirits distributor Southern Wine and Spirits for illegal practices reports The Drinks Business. “The multitude of violations found during the course of these investigations is truly staggering,” said State Liquor Authority chairman Vincent G. Bradley."