Wine news December 27, 2016

Forbes on Okanagan wines. "According to the British Columbia Wine Institute, in the past 25 years the number of wineries in the province of British Columbia ratcheted up from 17 to 341, while the overall quantity of wine production more than quadrupled."

NPR on how global warming is reshaping the wine world. "Well, in the short term, a warm season can mean an especially good vintage. In the long term, what it means is that vineyard that produces the pinot noir that you love won't be able to produce that pinot noir in the future."

The Washington Post reflect on 2016 in the wine world. "2016 was all about history and wine’s ability to capture the past."

In Decanter Andrew Jefford on why some classic wines are trusted more than others and what producers can do to inspire trust. "The most notable example of this phenomenon over recent years has been China; France’s Foreign Trade Advisory Board cautioned in 2015 that one in every two bottles of ‘French’ wine sold in China might be counterfeit.  This colossal problem will take many years to resolve."

Quartz on the incredible journey of Champagne. "But bubbles aren’t all good news; they also seem to get people drunk more quickly. In a different study, researchers found alcohol levels to rise much faster among bubbly drinkers."