Wine news February 10, 2015

Virgin Wines sells 120,000 cases of wine in December reports

In Punch reconsidering Armagnac.

Forbes on terroir and the Languedoc.

"Wine consumption has risen 14% among high-frequency drinkers in the past two years, but it has dropped 13% among occasional drinkers." Wines and Vines looks at a Wine Market Council survey on US consumer trends.

Palate Press on the problems of being a post-modern wine drinker.

In Bloomberg Saint-Emilion and Bordeaux, '11, '12 are helping win back non-Chinese consumers. "They're good but not great, and that's not a bad thing."

The Drinks Business on presidential wines. "President Nixon was not quite in the same league as Jefferson, but he was keen on Bordeaux First Growths and Germany’s Bernkasteller Doktor."

CNET looks at wine apps.

Yahoo on how to reap red wine's benefits without drinking it. Drink tea, eat peanuts.

Rapper E40 hits the streets to promote his wine reports NBC. He is promoting Earl Stevens Selections, and includes a "Mangoscato," a mango flavored Moscato.