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Wine news February 18, 2015

The Wine Enthusiast profiles Red Mountain, Washington.

Winesearcher on some surprising facts about making wine in China.

Alice Feiring on where to eat and drink in Rome.

Dr. Vino compares the air pressure in Champagne to footballs. "Prosecco, from northeast Italy, has about 3.5 times atmospheric pressure in a bottle. Champagne bottle pressure is about 6 times (or, to sound super wonky, six bar)." 

Forbes looks at Gallo's foray into Washington State.

The Daily Mail on wine hacks. "iI you have no room in your fridge to chill a bottle of white, then simply wrap a wet towel around it and pop it in the freezer for five minutes."

Yahoo on the right way to order a bottle of wine. "You seldom go wrong ordering Loire whites and Rhone reds."

Metro profiles Rioja. 




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