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Wine news February 2, 2018

The Wine Spectator on the challenges of ordering wine online. "So while winery direct shipping has grown, the number of states permitting out-of-state retailer direct-to-consumer shipping has fallen from 18 states in 2005 to just 13 today."

Eric Asimov in the New York Times don't judge a wine by the grape on the label.  “Specificity is something we are trying to get away from,” he said. “As winemakers, we think that blends are often more complex and pleasing.”

The Napa Valley Register on the story behind Chateau Montelena. “It’s kind of funny,” said Bo as he led the ‘Dream Tasting’ alongside Montelena’s winemaker Matt Crafton, calling on a personal history with the winery that goes back every vintage. “When I grew up my dad didn’t drink wine.”

The Telegraph on the best destinations for wine in France. "Burgundy is rife with châteaux, manors, abbeys and other testimonies to a past of temporal and spiritual prominence. But the region took early retirement from international affairs to play to its real strengths: eating, drinking and growing red in the face."

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