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Wine news February 5, 2018

The Daily News on how a couple of glasses of wine helps clean the brain. "But the study adds to research into health benefits of low levels of alcohol. In this case, low doses of alcohol aid the glymphatic system, which Nedergaard and her colleagues first noted in 2012. It's the process clears the brain of toxins."

The Washington Post on pairing wine with chocolate. “Try this almond butter crunch with cinnamon,” Zahn offered. “If there’s no spice after you taste the wine again, it means there’s a lot of spice in the wine to match the spice in the chocolate.”

In Decanter, Andrew Jefford reports from the vineyard front line in the battle against the 'ever-worsening' problem of grapevine trunk disease.  "What makes GTD a particularly vexing problem is that, unlike phylloxera, there is no single cause, and there can be no single cure."

The Drinks Business reports that Pol Roger has unearthed bottles of Champagne from the nineteenth century which have been buried beneath its facilities in Epernay for the past 118 years.

Jancis Robinson on why "San Leonardo is exceptional in so many ways." 

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