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Wine news February 3, 2017

Eric Asimov in the New York Times on everything you ever wanted to know about manufacturing wine. " An optical sorting table, which may cost $200,000 or more, does all that while also culling grapes that are less than perfect."

The Guardian on volcanic wine. "Szabo doesn’t claim that soil is the only factor at play; the preservation of indigenous varieties and ancient growing methods in these hard-to-work vineyards also make the wines distinctive."

The BBC asks does Shiraz come from Iran? "The first evidence of grape cultivation in Shiraz came around 2,500 BC, when vines were brought down from the mountains to the plains of south-west Iran, the professor says."

Vegas Seven visits Aureole and checks out the job of wine angel. "The job title of “Wine Angel” dates back to when Aureole opened in 1999. Dressed in cat suits and harnessed to wire cables strung from the ceiling of Charlie Palmer’s restaurant, they glide up and down, fetching bottles of wine for guests from an impressive stainless steel and glass tower. "

In Decanter Hugh Johnson asks do we need a natural wine alternative. "There seems to be a high ground – is it moral, ethical, fashionable, hygienic? – shared by ‘naturalists’ and vegans. Then again, if you read the list of preservatives and allergens on any supermarket packet, you may want to give up eating altogether."

The Drinks Business reports that English sparkling wine brand Nyetimber has been banned from the Savoy after its owner smashed drinks and insulted bar staff during a reception. "As reported by The Times, Dutch tycoon Hereema reportedly “flew into a rage, smashing glasses and insulting bar staff” at an event at the Burlington Arcade in Piccadilly, London."

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