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Wine news February 6, 2018

Forbes on how wine historians explore terroir. " Wine historians might beg to differ, since there’s a great deal of historical evidence that ancient Sumerian, Syrian, Phoenician, Greek and Roman civilizations codified certain places as important vineyard locations—an early historical single vineyard designation from a hillside in Campania rocked the Roman world in 121 BC. But for the purpose of reporting on this paper, let’s not quibble."

Real Simple says drinking wine at night is good for you. " The latest happy gram: new research from the Scientific Reports journal finds that low to moderate alcohol consumption can reduce inflammation and help the brain remove toxins, including those associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease."

Decanter explains Ullage - the amount headspace between the closure and the liquid inside a wine bottle. "The ullage, or headspace, is one of the key things that wine buyers should look for, particularly in more mature vintages. Buyers for auction houses, for example, will pay close attention to ullage as part of their assessment of the wine’s health."

Punch visits the wine cellar at Chicago'd Parachute. “A Parachute wine has freshness, it’s generous,” says Colston. “All of the other things, like acid, tannins, sense of terroir, they’re all there, but the first thing that’s noticeable is that it’s joyful, and it fits into that loud room with lots of colors and different ethnicities.”

Seven Fifty Daily profiles importer Zev Rovine. “I got turned on to natural wine by reading Kermit Lynch,” Rovine says of his early ventures into serious wine."

Alfonso Cevola on Prosecco's fail in the new Italian hotspots in America. "It was as if not having a Prosecco on the wine list (or by the glass) was a badge of honor, in some of the hottest Italian spots in America."


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