Wine news January 11, 2015

Fortune Magazine on how IBM is using Watson to help wine. "At a vast vineyard outside Modesto, Calif., E&J Gallo Winery is testing a new irrigation system developed with IBM to grow grapes using less water. The plan is to eventually apply the lessons learned to Watson so that IBM’s data crunching technology can help farmers around the world."

Andrew Jefford in Decanter on the organic audit. "The main reason for choosing organic wine in France and Sweden is that it is ‘better for the environment’ (or so over 70 per cent of organic-wine consumers in each country believe).  In the UK, by contrast, some 46 per cent of organic-wine consumers said their main reason for purchase was that ‘organic wine tasted better’, outscoring any other motive, and over 50 per cent believe this in Germany."

The Napa Valley Register profiles football player and winemaker Charles Woodson. "Charles Woodson Wines has its vineyards in Calistoga, east of the Silverado Trail. Charles Woodson Wines is building a winery close to its tasting room."

Haaretz on how even in Israel wine is political. "The story began with Channel 2 news’ December report on Israel Hayom wine writer Yair Gat and restaurant wine consultant Gal Zohar, whose Hebrew-language book “The New Israeli Wine Guide” is about to enter its third edition. Gat and Zohar are refusing to include wineries from West Bank settlements."

The Washington Post on Bulgarian wine. "Quality can be uneven, especially in white wines. But this is an exciting region for wine adventurers to explore."

Bloomberg on how to start a wine collection in 2016. "Buying wine is like buying art, except that you have to consume at least some of it along the way to enjoy it."

Jancis Robinson on Burgundy 2014.

Alfonso Cevola on how Puglia saved my life. "Oil, grains, seafood, vegetables and wine. One of my colleagues said to me, “If I were ever to live in Italy again, I could live here. It’s so easy in Puglia.” I totally understand."