Wine news January 13, 2017

The New York Times on 20 wines under $20 for winter. "In Manhattan, where I live, the idea of a hearth may be fanciful, but the warmth of the oven or stove, with a bubbling pot of beans or a simmering stew, serves the crucial figurative function."

The Wall Street Journal on how to navigate cruise ship wine lists. "On most cruise lines, the wine selection is recited by staff or printed on daily menus. This gives sommeliers the flexibility to feature local wines they purchase en route."

The Drinks Business reports that Sonoma is creating a think tank to combat an agricultrual crisis. “The reality is that ag[riculture] is on the brink of a crisis. Not only are thousands of acres of farmland being lost to development in California every year, but there are serious threats to the financial viability of our businesses due to increased regulations, rising labor costs, new overtime requirements, drought and more,” she said."

The Wine Enthusiast asks - how long can a bottle of wine stay open? “The ultimate deciding factor is quality. The better the wine, the longer it will keep in an open bottle. That’s irrespective of the techniques used to protect the wine, be it gas-injection or vacuuming…The bottom line is that once you’ve opened the bottle, oxygen is introduced, which is absorbed into the wine."