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Wine news January 19, 2016

CNN asks does glass size impact the taste of wine? "As Georg Riedel, the 10th generation owner of the family business, explains: "The glass is a tool made to deal with the multiple flavor contributors in wine -- like fruit, neutrality and acidity -- and balance them."

The Telegraph reports that the owner of an expensive Bordeaux estate has been accused of fraud. "One of Bordeaux’s most renowned wine makers, whose bottles sell for up to £2,500 each, has been found guilty of fraud over the misuse of almost €600,000 (£450,000) in EU subsidies."

Eater on the history of Hungarian wine. "Even King of France Louis XIV is said to have had a weakness for Tokaj aszú dessert wine, dubbing it, "Wine of Kings, King of Wines."

Forbes answers the question what are tannins in wine. "Not only can you purchase ready-made tannin, you can purchase a tannin specific to your winemaking needs."

Jancis Robinson on a new way ahead for Grenache. "But in Spain an exciting new style of wines is being made from old Garnacha vines on granite and schist in the Gredos mountains south and west of Madrid."

The Washington Post asks does vineyard dirt impact the taste of your wine. “You’re not tasting the dirt, per se, but the mineralogy of the soils clearly affects the flavor and quality of the wines,” Morton said."

Le Pan reports that the Premiere Napa Valley Auction is going online.

The Drinks Business on the fight by two famous Italian families over Fiorano. "If its terroir that is important, then two distant cousins – Alessia Antinori and Alessandrojacopo Ludovisi – each inherited half of this old wine estate, located in southeastern Rome between the Ciampino airport and the town of Fioranello, upon the death in 2005 of estate owner and retired winegrower, Prince Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi."

Jamie Goode asks who would be the ideal wine critic a specialist or a generalist.

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