Wine news January 20, 2016

The AJC profiles Atlanta native, winemaker Hardy Wallace. "He’d make his famous hot fried chicken. I’d bring wine. The wines were usually light in body, high in acid and almost always European."

The Sacramento Bee finds gems in Idaho. "Snake River Valley has been a federally designated viticultural area only since 2007, though the first wine grapes were planted in the area in 1970."

The Wine Economist explores Argentina's export issues. "The Economist magazine reports that Macri is “off to a fast start,” removing export taxes and allowing the peso to fall from its artificially high level."

W. Blake Gray talks to NY Times restaurant critic Pete Wells. "I'm not going to review the one bottle out of the 50 or 100 on a list that I happen to drink. I do look at the wine list to see if it's coherent and has a point of view, and if budgets are accommodated."

The Drinks Business reports that the EU has blocked the sale of a NZ Riesling because it doesn't have enough alcohol.

Decanter produces a wine festival guide for 2016.