Wine news July 10, 2015

The Wall Street Journal on a new East Village wine store where you can taste all the wines they sell. "He hopes to have 60–65 dispensing machines (there are currently 25; each machine holds two bottles and dispenses about an ounce or so of wine). Eventually, all the still wines will be available to taste, he said, adding that sparkling wines don’t work in the machines."

Fortune Magazine on how to pick a wine off a restaurant wine list. "Whenever you see a specialty area of a list that isn’t represented on most other lists (Hungary? Uruguay? Margaret River in Australia?), that tells you it’s a passion area for the sommelier team."

The Guardian on why rosé is in the pink. "Darker rosés are less fashionable, but may appeal more if you’re a red wine drinker, or looking for a rosé to drink with a barbecue."

The Miami Herald on Argentine Torrontes.

The New York Times on Austrian Rieslings. "Of all the centers for riesling, perhaps the most overlooked is Austria."