Wine news July 20, 2016

The Wall Street Journal on a big box wine store in Brooklyn. "Although Brooklyn is most often characterized as the borough of boutique wine stores and hipster wine bars, it also is home to a large wine and liquor warehouse."

Decanter reports there is a wine war in Sancerre. "Saboteurs up-rooted the hectare of young Sauvignon vines over the weekend in the commune of Saint-Satur, at a place called The Cabarette. They belonged to Jean-Jacques Auchère, a winemaker in Sancerre located in the village of Bué."

The Drinks Business reports on thieves stealing from Barolo estates. "Security cameras at the estate show three thieves disguised in lab overalls carrying cases of wine into Parusso’s truck, which they got going with tractor fuel. Thus far, local police have no suspects and have not located the truck."

Stuart Pigott on "Delicious and I, A Love Story." 

Jancis Robinson on who uses wine label scanning apps the most. "I would suspect most non-Brazilians would be surprised by how significant Brazil in general and São Paulo in particular are in Vivino's usage."