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Wine news June 19, 2015

The New York Times on 20 summer wines under $20. "What is weight in a wine? Alcohol accounts for a lot of it. Once alcohol rises above 14 percent, it can make wine seem heavier in texture. It can leave the impression of sweetness. And certainly you can’t drink as much without potentially suffering consequences."

The Wall Street Journal also proposes a list of budget summer wines. "Why is this the season for all things insubstantial, inexpensive and fleeting? Don’t taste, character and flavor count no matter the temperature?"

Reuters on water wars in California's coastal region." Unlike other states that treat groundwater as a shared resource subject to regulation and monitoring, California's Gold Rush-era rules have generally allowed property owners to drill wells on their land and suck out as much water as they want."

Eater on a wine list for the Internet age at Momofuko Ko. "The likeminded in wine tend to stick together, and the idea of copinage is particularly relevant to some key winemaking groups today. Think of the often referred to "Gang of Four," in Beaujolais, which are well represented at Ko. "

Forbes says Grenache is the best red wine for grilling out.

Slate investigates what the best corkscrew for opening wine is? "Most everyone I know—and anyone I know who has opened thousands of bottles of wine—will tell you that the most common and best option from a cost/benefit perspective is the Pulltap's Double-Hinged Waiter's Corkscrew. Pulltap's is a brand manufactured by Pulltex. "

In Decanter Gerard Basset says English wine "has the potential to reach to the top rank of wine producing nations in the world."  





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