Wine news June 26, 2015

Will Lyons in The Wall Street Journal asks if Australia can join the fine wine conversation. ". By the late 1990s, the rest of the New World had caught up and Australia found itself undercut by South America, South Africa and California’s Central Valley."

In the Los Angeles Times 6 summer white wines.

Eric Asimov in the New York Times on outdoor wine glasses and picnic tips. "Far better are good stemless plastic glasses like Govinos, which allow the pleasure of enjoying the wine in decent-size unbreakable vessels. "

The Guardian on English fizz for summer. "The great thing about English fizz is that, as the vines mature, it’s getting better and better. Most people would already be hard pushed to tell it apart from champagne, and I’m betting that in five to 10 years many of us will choose it for preference."

In Punch the Jura wines nobody is talking about. "What they don’t tell you, amid all the hype, is that that the ouillé whites may turn out to be the most enduring to be found in the Jura—not just from newcomers like Celine, but from long-established names like Pierre Overnoy, the unintentional godfather of the region’s modern success and a current sort of household god (he drives up in a battered Suzuki and greets me in work shorts) who adapted the practice early on."