Wine news June 25, 2015

Eater on the best wine under $12. "I don’t know that $6 is very possible anymore. Certainly there are wines out there at this price, but I would be hard-pressed to emphatically recommend anything in that price point at retail these days. However, $10-$12 is another story."

CNN introduces the oeono-flier. "For a select group of elite travelers, it's not the flat beds or the price of a ticket that matters, but the chance to enjoy the finest wines during their flight."

Vice on the placebo affect of wine marketing. "Winemakers have long known that by making consumers believe a bottle is more expensive than it is, they can boost enjoyment of the wines they are selling."

The Daily Meal on why Texas will become an important wine region. "There are now around 300 bonded wineries in the state, although fewer than half are producing; about 40 of the wineries are aspirational, in the sense that they consistently strive to make the best wine possible from Texas grapes."

In Decanter Jane Anson on the Chinese Haichang Group which owns 20 Bordeaux châteaux making two million bottles per year across 60 labels.

 Winesearcher talks to Alvaro Palacios.

Wines and Vines on ecommerce in China. "While online wine sales were virtually non-existent in China as recently as a few years ago, nearly 20% of wine in the country is now sold through e-commerce, according to a speaker at the Cal-China Wine Forum held Tuesday at Napa Valley College. "