Wine news June 5, 2015

In the New York Times Corsican wines speak a language of their own. "Niellucciu, the leading red grape in the north, is genetically identical to sangiovese, but Mr. Arena’s Morta Maio Patrimonio Rouge, 100 percent niellucciu, tastes like no Chianti."

In The Wall Street Journal the rhyme and reason of wine display. "I’ve often wondered why certain bottles end up in the front of a wine shop."

In The Wall Street Journal Will Lyons calls Switzerland Europe's little wine gem. "Like its watches, Switzerland’s wines are priced at a premium."

The San Jose Mercury News on the Livermore Valley. "Like Lodi, the Santa Clara Valley and so many other regions, this unheralded area is rich in grape-growing history (dating back to the early 1880s), and its wines are gaining acclaim. In the mid-'90s there were only 15 wineries in the Livermore Valley American Viticultural Area; now there are just over 50."

In Bloomberg how to find hidden gems on a wine list menu. "While in the past the upsell might have been a key part of a sommelier’s duties, the field has come to view the practice as tacky and beside the point."

Yahoo Food on 11 ways to master the wine list.

The Huffington Post picks out wine accessories under $20.

The Drinks Business on a reality show casting for rockstar winemakers where Oregon will compete with California.

 Decanter on leading Loire winemakers François Chidaine and Jacky Blot being banned from vinifying their Vouvray wines in the neighbouring commune of Montlouis.